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2021 – What we need to expect from the betting industry with the COVID-19 situation?


The betting industry is one of the most popular and lucrative sectors in the world. Both sports betting and wagering on casino games have become an important leisure tool for all types of gamblers. With a vast array of offers ranging from eSports, live events, casino games, and fantasy sports, every type of player is sure to find something to place a bet on.

Every year, the number of online bettors and the volume of wagers is higher in all regions and countries across the universe. And because of this, the number of betting firms and sites only increases.

Since its establishment many decades back, the betting industry has seen many changes and trends. With the Covid 19 situation, it’s unreasonable to think that there’s still more room for significant changes and improvements in the industry, especially in online betting platforms.

If you are looking to learn more about what you need to expect from the betting industry in 2021, then this article is ideal for you. Go through the following sections to discover more before visiting sites like smartbettingguide to see some of the modern gambling platforms currently available for selection.

The current situation in the betting industry

Despite the negative effects of Covid 19 on different industries, the online gambling, and sports betting sector has continued to grow rapidly. Betting sites have experienced an increase in the number of gamblers, and most of them have been placing wagers on live casino games, eSports, and fantasy sports.

Also, since many investors have noticed that this industry was not hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic, most of them are planning to invest in online casinos and sports betting platforms. Many sites have been established in 2020, and players should only expect more in 2021.

Trends and changes to expect in 2021 in the betting industry

In this section, you will learn about some of the possible trends and changes to expect in 2021. Some of these changes and trends have been showing in 2020. Technical advancements are the ones that’ll bring significant changes and new customer trends for gamblers. Below are more changes and trends:

High demand for fantasy and electronic sports

Between March and May, most live events and competitions were cancelled, and others postponed. This situation left many gamblers wondering what they could place wagers on. Many of them started to look for perfect betting alternatives. Fantasy sports and eSports were the only options available for bettors.

Since many gambling operators did not want to lose their customers, they started to offer daily fantasy and virtual sports. In 2021, these trends are expected to continue since many players have already shifted to fantasy sports and eSports betting markets.

Increased demand for direct or live games

Aside from eSports and fantasy sports, there has been an increased demand for live casino games. Since popular markets such as football, rugby, netball, basketball, horse racing, and others were no available to place bets on, gamblers started playing live casino games.

Also, brick-and-mortar casino lovers who joined online gaming platforms opted for live games since they offer the feeling of a real gambling environment. With this in mind, many sites have started to offer both sports betting and online casino games. This trend is also expected in 2021 since many sites want to keep their customers happy.

Final Thoughts

As the betting industry continues to recover from the effects of Covid 19, players should expect some changes and trends. So as a gambler, you should be ready to adjust to any changes that gambling operators will implement to enjoy the best gaming experience and possibly increase your earnings.

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