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4 nutritious eating tips for surviving your next holiday party


Around this time of year, eating and drinking a little too much seems like a holiday tradition, but going too wild can make it difficult to get back on track in January.

Here, Genevieve Ledoux, registered dietitian at Provigo Le Marché Kirkland, shares her top four tips to survive your next holiday party without falling off the food wagon.

  1. holiday-treatsTry to go easy on the high-fat foods. Pastries, pies, sausages, and cream-based soups or sides are delicious, but they’re often high in calories or fat. Given the choice, leaner meats like turkey or chicken are good alternatives to red meat. If you’re doing the cooking, you can also make some simple ingredient swaps like low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream, and flour combined with skim milk instead of cream.
  2. Make smart beverage choices. Try to alternate between one alcoholic drink and one glass of water. Drinking water prevents dehydration caused by alcohol. Just two cups of traditional eggnog may have as many as 500 calories. Stick to dry wine, low-cal beer, or spirits with calorie-free mixers like diet or club sodas. “I typically recommend having one glass of a higher-calorie beverage and then switching to something low calorie for the rest of the evening,”
  3. Stick to your eating routine and don’t skip meals. Planning your meals, getting a balanced breakfast and lunch, and snacking before you leave will help keep your appetite in check at the party. Sometimes we think that skipping the snack will save us some calories but in fact, you will eat way more during your dinner and more tempted by the bread and the chips sitting on the table. Eating every 3-4 hours is essential to survive to the holidays!
  4. Everything in moderation. It’s okay to eat some sweets now and again. Whether it’s those chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies or a candy cane, remember to take a responsible portion and get the most out of your favourite seasonal treats by slowing down and really savouring the taste.

For free recipes to help you enjoy a more nutritious holiday, or to book a free consultation, visit Genevieve Ledoux at Provigo Le Marché Kirkland or call/ email her at 514-826-4280 or Genevieve.ledoux@provigo.ca


By: Genevieve Ledoux – totimes.ca


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