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4 simple ways to cooperate with your personal injury lawyer


Navigating through a personal injury case is difficult under the best of circumstances. Along with remaining under medical care for as long as necessary, it helps to hire one of the local Law123.ca personal injury lawyers to handle the specifics of the pending case. Along with retaining the services of a lawyer, it also pays to commit yourself to working as closely with your legal counsel as possible. Here are four ways that you can support the lawyer’s efforts.

Tell all – Even what you think doesn’t matter

Attempting to sift through the events leading up to the injury and deciding what’s relevant is not part of your job. It is something that requires the skill and experience that your lawyer brings to the table. For this reason, you should not make any decisions about what the lawyer should be told and what can be left out.

The best approach is to tell your lawyer everything you can remember about the events prior to, during, and after the injury took place. No matter how minute some detail may seem to you, tell your legal counsel anyway. That seemingly worthless detail could end up meaning a lot to your case.

Don’t interact with the party responsible for the injury

The party that’s responsible for the injury will likely attempt to engage you as quickly as possible. That’s not out of any real concern for your welfare. A more likely scenario is that the party wants to get you to say something that could undermine the case. There’s also a chance of being able to persuade you to settle now for a low amount; that’s especially true if the other party suspects that a court would award a much higher amount.

Your focus right now is recovering from the injury to whatever degree is possible. The legal side of things should be left in the hands of your legal counsel. Refer any attempts at communication to your lawyer. Doing so closes one door to any attempts to shift part of the responsibility for the injury to your shoulders.

Say Little to Nothing About the Pending Case

It’s not just the responsible party that will want to know more about the injury and the pending case. Well-meaning friends and other loved ones will likely want to know too. For now, the best move you could make is to say as little about the case and your health as possible.

Why would a Scarborough injury lawyer provide a client with this type of advice? Information that’s repeated by well-meaning friends can lose something in the process. It can also be overheard by those who may seek to profit from passing this information on to the party responsible for your injury. If you say little to nothing, it’s easier to avoid this type of situation from arising.

Your lawyer takes the lead during all negotiations

When the time comes to begin negotiating a settlement, do confer with your lawyer in private. At the negotiation table, let the legal counsel do all the talking. If there’s any need to discuss something, take a brief recess and talk with your counsel in private. At all times, the other party must see that you and your lawyer are united.

Your personal injury lawyer can provide some additional advice based on the specifics of your case. Take all that advice to heart and follow it to the letter. In the long run, you stand a better chance of receiving an equitable settlement.

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