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5 Summer Inspired Decor Ideas For Your Terrace


Chilling outdoors is the best way to enjoy summer, right? If you don’t want to visit public spaces, then you should definitely turn to the trend of turning your flat roof into a summer hang-out spot. Since most people don’t own a personal rooftop, the same idea can be implemented on terraces.

Prepping your terrace for summer is a fun endeavour – especially if you’re planning to use it for gatherings. But even if you’re simply planning on spending some quality alone time there, you need to curate the proper ambience to accommodate yourself.

Here are some summer-inspired décor ideas that you can use to spruce up your terrace.

1. Create the ambience with lighting

Whether it’s day or night, good lighting can make or break your entire ambience, and the terrace is no exception. While the sun is your bright spot in the morning, the night ambience can be set up to perfection too.

How? Use fairy lights along with decorative box lights. Fairy lights will create a soothing nighttime atmosphere, while decorative box lights will create gorgeous nightscape effects on an empty wall – perfect, right? On top of that, find room for a floor lamp or two, but make sure to put them in strategic places such as a visible corner, next to the main sofa or similar.

2. Planters and precautions

A summer terrace can never be complete without plants, so prepare to practice your green thumb. Plants can become a part of your terrace décor in a number of ways. A statement wall can be designed by installing a vertical trellis that is outfitted with beautiful creeper vines.

Empty corners can be decorated with one or two oversized planters like the Swiss Cheese Plant or the fern – just remember to make them the focal point of your entire layout. You can also get multiple medium-sized plants and arrange them all over your terrace for a greener, fresher outlook.

A great way to emulate a pop of colour in your terrace decor is by installing colourful flowering plants in personalized planters. This can be a fun activity. You can either paint clay or terra cotta planters in bright, vivid summer colours, or opt for more sombre personalized wooden pellet concoctions and stands to spruce things up.

If you’re worried that your terrace plants might attract mosquitoes, then you can simply feature store-bought or homemade citronella candles as part of your décor, and enjoy a mosquito-free terrace hangout experience!

3. Carpets and faux grass floor covering

Floor coverings are another important part of your summer terrace décor, and you have a few options here. The most popular and easy to maintain is a carpet. There is a vast variety of outdoor-use carpets out there, machine-made from hardy polypropylene. You don’t need to worry about getting them soaked or fading in sunlight. If you’re fretting about how they’ll get dirty, then here’s an easy solution – simply hire a carpet cleaning professional once a year (or more) to have it revamped.

Other than that, you could opt for faux grass carpets, but they tend to get regrettably matted after a season’s wear and tear. Another good idea entails the use of cobbles and gravel to create a Zen-inspired floor covering for your terrace.

4. Furniture and décor

Aside from lighting and flooring, you also need to focus on the furniture and décor to make your terrace the height of summer-chic and heat-ready. First off, you should opt for rattan, wicker or bamboo furniture, as both materials are hardy, easy to maintain, and don’t degrade easily. Rain or shine, they’ll be good to go. Plus, these materials are ideal for regions that see a lot of sunshine and heat. Metal and wood don’t stand a chance in outdoor environments.


Additionally, there are lots of amazing outdoor furniture choices in rattan and bamboo – from sophisticated and understated sofa sets to billowy, nouveau style armchairs.

As for the décor, you have a bunch of options here. You can feature well-preserved artwork on a shaded statement wall. Mirrors are also a trending accessory for sprucing up outdoor walls, as long as they are small, compact, and stylishly minimal. There’s also the option of beautiful textiles such as braided ottomans, woven baskets, and hardy wall tapestries woven out of bamboo. A tiny fountain (perhaps one of those trendy multi-tiered Japanese fountains) can also be added to make the atmosphere even more serene!

5. Umbrellas and shade


Lastly, your summer terrace can’t be complete without some stylish shade, and the best way to get that is by propping up a trendy floor umbrella beside your furniture. Aside from that, you can also use outdoor fabrics like parachute to design your own shades. Even something as casual as a tied hammock on top of your furniture layout can be enough to make a boho-chic statement.

Bonus tip:

Get a sunny lime tree and make it a statement accessory on your terrace. If you take good care of the tree, it’ll provide fresh limes for lemonade, and look incredibly pretty in full bloom!


We hope you manage to create a stylish and enjoyable oasis with some (if not all) of these tips.

Tony Kantzavelos

Tony is the CEO of Love Your Rug – Canada’s largest rug cleaning & restoration facility. Apart from successfully leading his team, Tony loves to share professional advice on how to give a fresh look to carpets, rugs and peoples homes. He is an industry leader and authority in area rug restoration.

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