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5 Tips to Help You Liven Up Your Home


Living with the same decor and house design can be a bit boring. If you find yourself feeling that your house has become stale and in need of change, renovations and redesigns are in order. Renovations don’t have to be something drastic or pre-planned. For successful makeovers, it is always advise that you follow your heart rather than your mind. Of course, you can take aesthetic laws into account but use your taste as the paramount guide to the renovation process.

If you are stumped and can’t answer the renovation questions, we have the answers that will help you transform your house into something magical. Read below as we share some tips to breathe fresh air into your house.

Get all of the family on-board

Family members might have different ideas as to in which direction the renovation should head. Carefully consult each member and take note of their wishes and needs. Renovating can be a fun family activity that will improve your bond if done properly. Think about whether you want the renovation process to be done by a professional or you will utilize the DIY method and involve the whole family.

Start with the exterior

Get rid of the old boring exterior of your house and add new splash colour to it. New colours can add a fresh breath to your house and make everyone fall in love with your house all over again. We know that watching paint dry can be boring, but nobody wants scruffy paint jobs and visible chippings. 

Neutral colors have always been trendy, but don’t let the trends hold you back. If you are a fan of a certain colour then go for it regardless of whether it’s black or pink. Painting is low-cost and high-impact if done correctly.  Roll up the sleeves, grab a can of your favourite colour, a paint roller and transform the exterior of the house.

Don’t stop there, decorative fences are in style and an outdoor living space addition can only impact your family positively by enabling you to be closer to nature in the comfort of your house. 

Get the appliances up to date

From the TV to the kitchen appliances, pay attention to the new technological advances and let the cutting edge gadgets make your life simpler. Air quality is one of the most important factors in leading a healthy life. If a new HVAC installation is needed, seek professionals that will provide quick and stress-free installation so that the scorching summers are kept at bay and you are accompanied by a chilly at-home breeze.

Many people also opt for AC tune-up and advanced chemical cleaning to liven up their houses within a budget; you can visit URL here to know more.

Redesign your kitchen from scratch

The kitchen is where most of the family gatherings happened and that’s why this spot should deserve your undivided attention. The kitchen is the place where food governs everything but that doesn’t mean that art is excluded. Decorate the kitchen shelves with contemporary art pieces and elevate the kitchen to something special that will lure every visitor to spend more time there and compliment your unique choices. 

Many people think that you have to splurge lots of cash to create something artsy in your kitchen but that’s not the case. Grab your tools and some wood and create your own wine rack where you can stock your favourite chardonnays and sauvignons.

Photo by Hannah Busing

Take a trip back in time

Don’t you ever get engulfed with envy by how classy living rooms used to look like while watching an old movie? Well, don’t let the clock stop you, and sprinkle a bit of vintage spice into the living room. If you find old vinyl players – gramophones; then they can adorn any coffee table and add valor to your living room. Centre the decor around the fireplace and if possible add a living room library. Mixing vintage styles with contemporary brings out the classic balance between elegance and practicality.

Final Thoughts

Makeovers are always hard but when you have the whole team on board, anything is possible. Start from the exterior and make your way inside where you can employ your creativity to the fullest extent. Don’t forget to make your life easier by upgrading the technology that increases your life quality. We hope that this article will help you on this makeover journey and wish you the best of luck.

Lead Photo by Dan Gold

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