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6 essentials for your new home gym


Life can get crazy and that leaves you without a lot of time to get to a fitness centre or gym. One solution is to create a small home gym that you can use any time that you like. Setting up the home gym does not mean having to buy lots of expensive equipment at first. It’s possible to set up a credible workout space using simple equipment that’s relatively affordable. From dumbbells and a dumbbell rack to mats to cushion the floors while you do push-ups. Also have a look at smith machine website for more ideas. Meanwhile here’s a list of essentials that will get you started.


It’s hard to imagine a simpler or more effective piece of fitness equipment than the kettlebell. Shaped somewhat like a bell with a handle on one end, there’s quite a few exercises that you can do with a set of kettlebells. They’re great for building your shoulders and chest, and also help with your upper arms and back. They also take up very little space in a home gym.

Dumbbells and a Dumbbell Rack

A set of dumbbells can also be used for many different exercises. You can get several sets with different weights to use for various routines. They are definitely great for building upper body strength and toning the muscles. Remember to invest in a dumbbell rack so you can keep all the dumbbells organized and always within easy reach.

Exercise Mats

Think of all the different types of exercises you can do thanks to having a decent mat for the floor. The mat should provide enough cushioning to absorb some of the shock when you perform exercises like straddle hops. You also need a little cushioning when you stretch out to do push-ups or other kinds of calisthenics.

Consider how you can sit or lay on the mat and slowly lift a pair of kettlebells from the ground to a position over your chest. The same approach can be used with a set of dumbbells. Don’t forget that the mat is the ideal place to work a little yoga into your routine.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is good for you on many different levels. It’s a great cardiovascular workout, helps to tone leg and lower body muscles, and provides another way to build endurance. You can jump rope on the exercise mat in order to minimize shock on the legs and get more benefits from your workout.

Chin-Up Bar

Chin-ups are an essential for just about any type of workout. Using your own body weight, it’s possible to slowly increase the number of chin-ups you can do. This exercise helps to build the muscles in your shoulders, upper back, arms and chest. Since the bar is mounted in a doorway, it takes up essentially no space. Remember to mount the bar so that it’s high enough to pass under when you’re not working out. You also want it to be high enough that your feet don’t touch the floor when you begin your first chin-up.

Sit-Up Bench

Sit-ups can be done without a bench, but they are certainly more effective with one. These benches are also space-efficient and can be used for more than performing sit-ups. By reversing the way, you position yourself for sit-ups, it’s easy to use your kettlebells or dumbbells and allow the bench to serve many of the same functions as a weight bench. Since you do need to make the most of the space and need to launch the home gym on a budget, this is a great way to invest in something that serves more than one purpose.

With these six pieces of equipment, you have what it takes to create a great basic workout routine. Since your home gym never closes, it’s okay if you work late and the fitness centre is closed. You can still go home, slip into some workout clothes and start making the most of those kettlebells. From the dumbbell rack to the jump rope, everything is there for your use any time of the day or night. Use everything regularly and you’ll be surprised how much better you look and feel within a month.

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