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6 things that will happen if you seek help for a Dental emergency


No one plans on having a dental emergency. It’s good to know that you can seek some sort of emergency treatment is the need arises. Understanding what will happen when that call for help is placed allows you to be prepared. While the primary focus is on getting the treatment you need, expect these steps to be part of the process. If you are looking for a dentist Saskatoon you can visit Saskatoon Dental House.

Answering a Few Quick Questions

Calling for help immediately after the emergency arises is a must. There may be only a short window of time to prevent the loss of a tooth. When you call, it’s not unusual for the dental clinic to ask a few quick questions. The answers that you provide make it easier for professionals like Dr Amir Guorgui from Markham Smile Centre to start making preparations.

The questions will vary based on the type of emergency you are facing. In general, there will be queries about blood, loose or dislodged teeth, gum swelling or discoloration, and a few other issues. Provide answers to the best of your ability and know the information makes it easier to take proper care of you.

Receiving Some Preliminary Instructions

Based on your responses, you will likely receive some instructions on what to do as you prepare to come in for the dental emergency. For example, you may be asked to try to reinsert a dislodged tooth. If that fails, you will likely be told to place the tooth in a small bag with some ice. The goal is to keep the tooth in the best possible condition while you are on the way to the clinic.

Other preliminary treatments may include taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication that does not thin the blood. You may also be instructed to apply an ice pack or to rinse the mouth with salt water. The point is to prevent things from getting worse while you are on the way to receive the emergency treatment.

Being Directed to a Facility

Where will you need to go for the treatment? In many cases, you will be told to come straight to the dental clinic where Dr Amir Guorgui from Markham Smile Centre will be on hand to take care of you. If your description warrants it, you may need to head to an emergency room first. Make your way to whatever facility you are directed to visit. In any event, personnel will be alerted and they will be ready to take action the moment that you arrive.

Your Emergency Examination

Once you do arrive for the emergency treatment, expect to be taken back to an exam room. At that point, a dentist and probably an assistant will begin to conduct an examination. That makes it possible to assess the severity of the damage, including the condition of the dislodged tooth or the extent of the gum inflammation. You are also likely to receive something that will help you to relax as well as something designed to slow any bleeding that’s present.

Going Over the Results

After the dental exam, the dental professional will go over the findings with you. It’s important that you understand the gravity of your present state and what type of treatment options are open to you. Even during an emergency, your dentist wants to ensure you have an accurate assessment of the situation and that you are in a position to go over the possible courses of treatment.

Remember that the dentist will not attempt to paint a rosy picture of what has happened. What you will receive is an honest outline of what’s wrong and what can be done to correct the problem.

Moving Forward With the Treatment

After you give your consent, it’s time to begin the actual treatment. You may or may not receive some type of sedation, based on the type of procedure needed. You can expect to receive something to deaden the gum and ensure you are not in pain while the procedure is underway. Once the work is completed, you’ll receive written instructions on how to take care of yourself over the next few days. You will also be instructed to return on a specific date and time for a follow-up assessment.

Remember that dental professionals like Dr Amir Guorgui from Markham Smile Centre take all sorts of dental emergencies seriously. Making sure you have prompt and efficient support during the emergency is a top priority. In the best-case scenario, the damage can be contained and you’ll be well on the way to a full recovery in no time.

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