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7 Best Video Games to Level Up a Date Night


Romantic nights at fancy restaurants or long walks on the beach are great ways to fall in love all over again. But have you tried engaging in co-op visual games you’re bad at together?

Video games bring hours of shared laughter and boost your communication skills as you try to outsmart each other. If you want to try some co-op video games on your next date night, here are the best picks for you:

1. Left for Dead 2

Have you and your partner ever thought of slaying zombies in the cool of the night? That’s the virtual experience you’ll get from Left for Dead 2.

While slicing zombies with a katana or smashing them with a pan sounds interesting, there are terrifying moments too–being caught in the hordes. And you need great teamwork and boldness to rescue each other from the zombies.

2. It Takes Two

Great mechanics, beautiful design, and a good storyline make It Takes Two a perfect co-op game for couples.

The game is based on May (a witty wife) and Cody (a warm-hearted husband) living in a countryside home. But an impending divorce and a magic spell that turns them into dolls tear their family apart, marking the beginning of It Takes Two.

To save their broken relationship, they must work together in the fantastical world they’re trapped in. They have to sling, jump, swim, glide, and fly in a quest to help each other across an abundance of obstacles.

If you want to get more titles to play on your date night, check out Beyond Gaming. You’ll find unique games to add to your list, from traditional card games to high-fashion mobile and medical titles.

3. Live Table Games

Nothing beats a night at the casino, even better, in the comfort of your home. Dress up, make some popcorn, pour the champagne, and get cozy on the sofa. But before, make sure to choose legal Ontario Casinos that are licensed and with a low deposit limit. Comparison sites offer unbiased casino data and a list of online casinos you can play at.

You can take your date to the roulette table, or play some blackjack — and every flip of a card or roll of a dice you make brings you closer to a win.

4. Dead by Daylight

If a darker-edge title is your preference, then you’ll love Dead by Daylight. It is a survival game where one of you plays as the Killer and the other as the Survivor.

The Killer plays in first-person and can use magic powers in hunting, catching, torturing, and killing prey in their killing ground.

The Survivor tries to outsmart the Killer and escape the killing grounds unharmed. Whether you escape or get killed, this game will strengthen your bond.

5. Gang Beasts

Whether you can or can’t beat your better half in open warfare, it’s up to Gang Beasts to decide. And you’ll have a few arguments as you both attempt to get the upper hand in the melee fights against the odds of the hazardous Beef City environment.

Or, you can customize your game mode to team up with your partner and fight against the gangs of Beef City.

6. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a good alternative to horror movies—you cooperate with your lovebird to create your horror movie.

Until Dawn is based on decisions you make. You could make a decision that ends with death while your partner overturns it by deciding to save you. You’ll have fun switching off characters with your partner and making decisions before time elapses.

7. Portal 2

Two heads are better than one! And that’s true when playing a puzzle game like Portal 2. You play as two robots exploring the Aperture Science Labs and as you try to escape, you get reunited with GLaDOS, a computer companion ready to discover more science.

Out or in Your Couch?

Forget about your fancy clothes and save your whole fortune on a romantic dinner out or a date in the woods! If you got an Xbox, Steam, or PS4/5, then it’s time to stay indoors and play video games with your partner in the comfort of your couch. Hopefully, you can get started with the ones we’ve discussed in this article.

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