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7 Promising Areas of Law Worth Considering: Online Guide for Lawyers


You will come across different types of law during your legal studies. Selecting a practice area is a vital factor that affects the long-term success and career of an attorney. It is something that your law schools often fail to prepare you for. If you fail to choose the appropriate law practices, you may fail to achieve job security, career satisfaction, and overall long-term success. With the help of this article, we will try to provide you insights into the most promising legal practice areas for any aspiring lawyer.

Most promising legal areas for lawyers

Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law is one of the most compelling areas of law practice. This law practice relate to the rights and ownership of persons or companies concerning the intellectual properties they create. These properties are generally intangible and include artistic work, a name, image, invention, or other creative ideas. You can understand them well by going through the following types of intellectual properties:

  • Patents – They help protect inventions from unauthorized selling, copying, or usage by other people.
  • Copyrights – Copyrights helps in the protection of literary or artistic work from unauthorized reproduction or editing.
  • Design – It protects the unauthorized copy of the look, feels, and design of products by any company or person.
  • Trade Secrets – It includes formula, practice, process, design, or compilation of information to gain advantages in competitive markets.
  • Trademarks – Signs, logos, or any other distinguishing features differentiate the business from other competitors.

Being an intellectual property lawyer, you need to deal with legal rights concerning Intellectual innovations and works.

Immigration law

Immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law practice. Due to its overwhelming complexities, it is one of the most challenging yet rewarding areas of practice. Being an immigration lawyer, you need to handle the legal aspects of citizenship, migration, political asylums, and business immigration. Below are the vital roles that this law practice demands from the lawyers:

  • Analyze rights and guide clients through every step of the complicated immigration process.
  • Facilitating the presentation of correct and consistent information to agencies
  • Avoiding or minimizing the inevitable delays.

Criminal defence law

The role of criminal defence lawyers is to provide legal protection to clients who are facing charges of any criminal offence. As agencies and public prosecutors have unlimited resources, it becomes very vital for lawyers to understand details of criminal defence laws to ensure fair treatment of their clients. Below are some of the roles that you need to play while working in this law practice area:

  • Formulating strategies for plea bargaining.
  • Securing the release of client from jail during pending trials
  • Providing strong representation for accused clients.
  • Presenting a Winning Defence to the Jury

To become a successful criminal defence lawyer, you need to understand the legal implications of the criminal code that you can get from multiple resources like the Legal information institute of Cornell Law School and Lawrina legal portal.

Bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy law is also one of the most challenging and promising legal practice areas for lawyers. If you choose this practice area, you need to play varied roles for your clients in courtrooms and outside. Bankruptcy lawyers help the clients in dealing with legal matters and regulatory laws for liquidation and administration. The sole purpose of these laws is to protect the rights of individuals and companies that are going through financial turmoil. You have to play the below roles to become a successful bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Providing sound legal advice to clients for dealing with financial distress and debt pressure
  • Preparing the proposals for the creditors
  • Reorganization of debts as per applicable statutory provisions

Public international law

Public international law refers to rules that govern the interactions between individuals and organizations from different countries. Public International lawyer plays the role to work with clients, transactions, and disputes involving the jurisdictions of more than one country. For becoming successful in public international law practice, it is vital to know about the variety of legal systems and sources of different international laws.

Corporate law

Corporate law will attract your attention while searching for different types of law to practice. It is a body of laws, regulations, and practices for the formation and operations of businesses in the country. These laws state the rights and duties of the people taking part in the creating and management of any corporation. Corporate law offers unlimited opportunities to aspiring lawyers, and it is a challenging fit for lawyers with good reading and reasoning skills. There are different corporate lawyers like Civil Litigation Lawyer, Legal Analysts, Document Drafting Lawyer, and legal advisors. Below are some of the roles that you need to play while working as a corporate lawyer:

  • Assisting the clients to create, organize or dissolve a business.
  • Assisting in the merger and acquisition processes
  • Counselling clients about their legal rights and accountability
  • Undertaking the responsibility to formulate a firm strategic planning

Regulatory law

Regulatory law is among common legal practice areas for any lawyer. They include the creation and management of rules and regulations by federal and state agencies. It is one of the vivid law practice areas that constitute rules that influence our day-to-day life. If you choose to work with government agencies, then you draft and implement regulations. While practicing with private firms, you need to assist the clients with regulations that apply to them. Regulatory lawyers have to undergo almost all types of legal practices. Some of the most common legal fields for these lawyers are business, healthcare, energy, and public interest. Regulatory lawyers also represent individuals before government agencies if there are any kinds of violations by their clients.

Choosing the right legal practice areas

As an aspiring lawyer, you need to act informed about your future goals. It is vital to understand the differences between the multiple practice areas to choose the right career path. You need to search and understand the different practice areas available out there to make a wise decision. In addition to the above legal fields, there are many more promising practices that a lawyer can explore for a great career.

Other popular types of law practices apart from the above list that you can consider are banking law, environmental law, family law, employment law, and taxation law. If you want more information in order to understand all the different legal areas, then you can visit the resources like The Lawyer Portal and Law career advising section on Brown University’s official website.

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