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A Massage and a Smile


Who wants to be in pain?  Seriously, what kind of question is that? Pain is terrible. You can take pills, baths, see doctors, but really, you just want something to work. I know I do and I will tell you I’ve had my majority of pain and I’m only 36.  Whether it’s cramps or my back or headaches.  Just get rid of it, I say.

Many people have told me about their pain.  Earth to Body cannot sell anything specifically for pain, but we sell product for massage.  Sometimes a gentle massage with the right oils can work wonders.  I hear constantly. “I don’t want to take pills all day. Do you have anything that might help me with my pain?”  My response.  “We sell a massage ‘Soothing Oil’.  It DOES just that.”

hug-printIt was 10 years ago and a story I will forget. It reminds me of my Grandma Alma. I loved her so much and miss her everyday. I was at the Dorval Shopping mall, working my booth and loving my job back then, just as much as I do now. This sweet French Canadian Grandma approaches my booth and says,  “I have back pain.  Do you make anything for this?”

I reply, “Not specifically.  But we make a massage ‘Soothing Oil’.  Would you like to try it?  We sell it as a gentle massage, but so many customers find relief.  People tell us emu oil is good for pain relief.   Would you like to give it a try?”

She sounds relieved, “S’il vous plait.  Can you rub it on for me as I can’t reach my back?”  I am a little shocked.  Normally, I would never rub a stranger’s back.  Ever!  But, this lady was too cute and old and in real pain for me to care.  Plus, she reminded me of my Grandma.  She smelled like her and had her soft, pale skin.  So I agreed, “For sure, I’ll rub your back.”

She was so happy, dropped her purse and lifted up her sweater and grinned “All right!!”

I massaged her lower back until the oil blend was completely rubbed in. I mentioned that it doesn’t always work right away and sometimes not at all for that matter, but it’s natural and chemical free. She smiled, bent down to retrieve her purse and looked up at me with this look of confusion.  “My pain is gone! Is that possible?”

I grinned, “People tell me yes. It is possible.  We sell it for a gentle massage and along with right oil blend, it can work wonders!”

She was so happy and so in disbelief, I just felt her excitement. She bought one for herself and one for her husband.

“If he’s going to rub me then I guess I should buy one to rub him!”   We both laugh.

I’ll never forget her reaction and that genuine smile.”

A hug, a massage and caring can do wonders.

By: Heidi Shannon


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