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Can Duct Cleaning Help You Maintain Quality Indoor Air?


Most homeowners ignore their indoor air because they assume it is clean always. However, the people in the house can smell the air, and any problems like odor, bacteria, and germs cause discomfort to the family members. People with asthma get more attacks, and those with allergies sneeze and cough more because of the contaminated air. However, air duct cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure quality indoor air.

Luckily, homeowners can maintain the comfort of the home by maintaining air quality through air duct cleaning and other ways. Breathing clean air reduces sneezing and coughing and makes the environment friendlier to stay in. If you are looking forward to keeping your indoor air clean, these tips will help. Take a look.

1. Always Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Entering the house with muddy and dusty shoes is one reason for dust and debris in the air ducts. Even the families without an HVAC system are affected. The shoes could be carrying insects and other animals’ eggs that start to hatch in your home. The insects leave their droppings around, leading to odors. Also, when they die and their bodies decay, the house gets a foul smell that is uncomfortable to breathe in. Leaving your shoes outside will prevent the problem of odors in your home.

2. Clean The Carpets And Rugs

Vacuum the rooms at least once every week. This reduces the chances of insects that are attracted to dirt such as bugs. Also, air duct cleaning as well as cleaning the rugs, carpets, and curtains ensures your home’s air is clean because no dust particles are left. Ensure the vacuum has suitable filters to remove all the microscopic particles from your furniture too. If you don’t know how to use one, hire a professional cleaner to do the job for you.

3. Check The Furniture

Most furniture manufacturers use varnishes made of formaldehyde that have strong smells, especially when new. If you just bought a table, sofa, or stools, keep them outside for a while for aeration before bringing them into the house. This reduces the odors and the chances of family members getting asthma attacks.

4. Check Your Paint Ingredients

If you change your walls by painting them afresh, check the paint ingredients before buying. Go for paints with volatile inorganic compounds that will not have a choking smell. They will help to keep your family comfortable. These paints have zero VOC finishing.

5. Control Humidity

A dump house becomes a breeding spring of bacteria, mold, and algae. Moisture also causes wood floors to swell and start rotting, reducing the general aesthetics. The rotting can also come with odors that are uncomfortable to live with. Ensure you control your home’s humidity levels by using dehumidifiers.

6. Avoid Strong Fragrances

Fragrances keep your home fresh, but some have strong smells that are hard to live with. Always check the air fresheners before buying. You should also ensure that your carpet and rug cleaners don’t use strongly scented detergents that could cause discomfort to your family. You can alternatively opt for fragrance-free detergents and air fresheners to maintain the quality of your home’s air.

7. Ventilate

Having big windows allows enough light into the house, which keeps the home comfortable and beautiful. In addition to the lighting, the big windows should also be kept open for ventilation. Allowing air circulation in the house improves the air quality by a significant percentage. Fresh air also boosts your mood and keeps you more productive.

8. Choose Your Candles Wisely

Homeowners quickly choose scented candles because they leave the house with pleasant aromas. However, these candles also carry some toxins because they are factory manufactured, and the sweet aromas could be a mixture of chemicals. To avoid bringing toxins to your house, choose beeswax and soy candles. They produce cleaner air and burn longer. Besides, they also don’t have heavy metals like zinc which can cause respiratory problems.

9. Clean Your HVAC System

Maintaining the cleanliness of your HVAC system ensures the air circulated in the rooms is clean. You can call professional air duct cleaning experts yearly to keep your ducts dust-free. You will pay a small amount, but it is worth the cost.

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