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All About Paint Protection Film For Your Car


The use of paint protection film on cars is gaining popularity with many car enthusiasts seeking to employ this technique to protect the paint on their car.

The growing demand for paint protection film is set to evolve in the coming years, with manufacturers striving to find new technological advancements to meet the growing need of the films. For instance, the need is increasing for state-of-the-art films that can withstand harsh environments and are sturdier than most on the market.

Paint protection film can be also used in aerospace, on electronic gadgets such as tablets, refrigerators, and the like, and most commonly used in automobiles.

What is a paint protection film?

Paint protection film (PPF) is an invisible thin plastic layer of polyurethane film that is placed on top of the car’s paint to protect the vehicle’s original paint finish. This film is designed to handle the impact of scratches, dents, oxidation, ultraviolet rays and extreme weather, often occurring when driving, and helps save the car owner a fortune in paint repair.

The popularity of paint protection film in supercars is common, with various users embracing the technique to protect their vehicles against external dents and scratches. However, daily drivers can also benefit from the paint protection film as they are bound to pass through scratching components on the road like gravel or rock chips. The thinness and lightweight properties of the paint protection film make it a worthy contender in paint protection. The invisible outlook is also preferred by users who are striving for a more authentic look.

Categories of paint protection film

When deciding to install paint protection film, the vehicle owner may opt for different modifications depending on where the paint is most likely to chip or come off:

  • Full front end package

This includes installing the paint protection film on the front end of the car primarily on the bonnet down to the front tires. This helps protects the car’s paint from any obstructive item that comes from the full front of the car.

  • High impact area package

This includes the full front end package which covers the front of the car and extends to the low panels on the side, the lower door frame, and the impact areas on the rear wheel. This package helps protect the bottom part of the car which is susceptible to scratches and abrasions.

  • Full wrap package

This is a complete wrap of the vehicle with the film, from the top to the bottom. All the areas of the car are protected by the film offering maximum protection and longevity.

Paint protection film installation

When considering the installation of a paint protection film on your car, it is paramount to consider the different installation jobs available. Therefore, several factors affect the level of installation of the paint protection film on a car:

  • Experience of installer

Different car dealers have different techniques of paint protection film installation depending on their experience. It is vital to research the car dealer before issuing a film installation. Reviewing the installer’s previous film installation and reviews will also assist you in making an informed decision. For instance, credible installers will ensure that the paint protection film is as invisible as possible. They will ensure proper installation is done by tucking in the edges where necessary, and smoothening up visible seams commonly visible in between panels to make the film blend seamlessly with the car. The quality of the installation is vital in ensuring the car comes out looking professionally done.

  • Type of paint protection film

The type of paint protection film is paramount in ensuring a smooth and professional finish. With different qualities of paint protection films available in the market, choosing one that fits your budget and style is vital. For instance, using a film with self-healing properties that clears up light abrasions and is stain resistant is the right way to go if you have the budget to match. This film which is either the matte of clear bra PPF is popular and one of the latest trends in the industry as it offers double protection and longevity. The satin paint protection film is also a new trend that changes the appearance of the car and gives it a silky smooth finish.

Benefits of paint protection film

The use of paint protection film has several benefits:

  • Protects the car’s paint and exterior

The presence of marks or chips on the car is unsightly and may cause the resale value of the car to decline. Therefore, paint protection film helps protect the car’s paint from abrasions and scratches on the road.

  • Helps increase the car’s resale value

As the car is protected during drives, the resale value of the car is not affected as the damages do not affect the car’s initial paint. Therefore, car owners can resale the car without having to do a fresh paint job thus saving money and time. It also offers car insurance by protecting the car from external abrasions that might cause you to repaint the car.

  • Protects against scratches

Severe weather might cause some scratches and marks on the car. The touching and feel f the car’s exterior by car enthusiasts might leave some light bruising and puncturing. Therefore, installing a paint protection film gives the car owner satisfaction and sanity.

  • Longevity

A properly installed paint protection film can last the car owner up to ten years if maintained well.

Additional information

It is recommended to visit a professional for paint protection film installation to get the best results. However, placing the film can also be done as a DIY project with the right tools and technique. It is important to research the right products to use depending on the car model, shape, and size.

Professionally installed paint protection films are covered by a warranty of around five to ten years offered to the user. When installed by a certified company, users can get a job redone if there are manufacturer defects on the film.

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