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All You Need To Know Before Buying A Generator


Whether you’re buying a generator for the first time or you’re replacing your old one, it is advisable to carry out intensive research before investing your money. You may already have several reasons to buy a generator, but how do you decide which one to buy?

Well, this article would help you decide the same.

Identify Your Needs First

You must understand that there are two primary application areas for generators- domestic and industrial. Domestic generators are usually portable and produce around 6kVA of power. However, there are more powerful options available, as well. Certainly, there are several benefits of buying a portable generator. For example, you can carry a portable generator on your camping trip, store them in the back of your truck or trailer, and so on. That being said, portable generators are not suitable for industrial applications.

Before investing in a generator, it’s essential to consider your specific off-grid power needs. You can explore sustainable power solutions and valuable insights at Offgrid Living Solutions to make an informed decision.

Industrial power needs are different from those for domestic purposes. For instance, the heavy machinery and equipment used in an industry cannot operate at standard domestic supply load. Moreover, these machineries need constant and continuous supply. Therefore, for industrial applications, large standby generators are usually preferred. These generators range from a few kVAs to several hundreds of units of power.

So, the very first step is to identify the application area and the load required. You can very easily estimate the required total load. For example, you can add up the wattage of the appliances or the machinery, and add up a little buffer to the total value, thus obtained. This way you can identify whether you must invest in a portable or a standby generator.

In addition to this, you must also consider the space you would need for installing the generator. A portable generator does not require much space and can fit into your garage or the back of your van very easily. On the other hand, a large standby generator would require a lot of space. Moreover, ventilation is also a huge concern for generators.

So, inevitably you must identify your priorities before you buy any generator.

Know The Available Options

Once you have all your needs listed, you can begin your hunt. Ideally, you shall be visiting dealerships and agencies near you. But, that’s too old-fashioned and even more so, it requires a lot of time. Alternatively, you can begin your search online, and there are several reasons for doing so.

For starters, initiating your research online can help you identify the pieces that are available within your budget without having to leave the comfort of your own space. It is needless to say that the market is filled with varieties of makes and models. It can be overwhelming if you head up straight to a dealer. On the other hand, online portals, such as this one, https://www.ablesales.com.au/diesel-generators-perth-melbourne-brisbane/diesel-generator/ can help you shortlist the pieces according to your desire. You can set up filters for your search such as power, portability feature, price range, and so on. In fact, some online portals and resources can even help you find the right seller who can offer you good post-sale services, as well.

In a nutshell, your entire buying process would henceforth revolve around the availability. If the

eatures that you seek are available in your specific market region, you can expect to pay less. On the other hand, if the availability is low, you may expect the price to be higher as you may also have to pay for freight.

Pick Out The Features

Since you have already shortlisted a few options that are available to you, it’s time to sort out the better ones. In fact, this step would essentially help you finally find the best generator for your particular purpose.

To begin with, no two generators would have the same features completely. And no two would also be priced the same. You must try and find out the generators that can offer you better features than others while keeping track of the cost. For example, if two generators are similar in size and power, but one offers additional USB ports for plugging in mobile and laptop chargers, then surely it proves to be a better choice. But, you must understand that additional features come at an additional cost. So, keep in mind that you don’t spend unnecessarily. In other words, pick only those features that are useful for you, and not the other way around.

Look For Safety & Quality

While you are skimming and sorting your options, it is quite easy to miss out on the safety features. Of course, quality and safety comes at a cost. But it does not mean you must sacrifice them to save a few dimes. For example, if the superficial features offered by a particular manufacturer comes with reduced safety features then it’s definitely not a good buy.

To assess the quality and safety offered by a manufacturer, you can go through their instruction manual and product guidebook. But, relying on the mentions from the brands and manufacturers is surely not a good idea. In addition to this, you must also explore user reviews and feedback for the particular make and model. There are several websites that offer legitimate product reviews from real customers. For example, Yelp, Trustpilot, and other similar portals make sure that they offer real reviews to their peers. Google reviews are also one of the ways to find legitimate information online.

In a nutshell, the whole idea about ensuring safety and quality is based on how the existing users rate the generators. That being said, you won’t find only the good reviews all the time. And this is the best part of studying reviews. The bad ones and the good ones can offer the true picture altogether.

To sum it up, buying a generator can be easier if you can ensure that you follow the right steps for your purchase. Of course, a well-researched decision backed up by knowledge and experience is sure to be a good one. And not to forget, you wouldn’t want to be spending your hard-earned money on a purchase that you may need to replace very soon.

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