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Backyard Safety Tips for Pet Owners


The best thing you can offer your furry friend is the backyard of their dreams. Dogs love nature, but obviously, it is tough to let your dog go off-leash outside your home, which is why if you have a backyard in your space, it is an excellent area for your pet to play and burn their pent-up energy.

1. Pet-Friendly Plants:

You need to be careful about the plants you decide to grow in your backyard. They need to be safe for pets. When my dog Lucy goes to the backyard, I always find her in a corner hiding from me because she has a leaf in her mouth. Dogs are mischievous, which is why you should be careful when it comes to choosing plants. You can consider them toddlers who are really careless at times. This is why do your research well before getting plants. Also, avoid any thorny plants such as rose or cactus that can harm the dog.

2. Water Availability:

When pets play outside in the sun, it can get scorching for them, and they may feel thirsty. It is good to get a water fountain installed so that they are always hydrated. You can also place fresh water in a water bowl in a corner. Just ensure to clean the bowl and change the water.

3. Flea Protection:

If your dog stays a lot outdoors, pest infestation is a common issue that can be dangerous to the dog and you as well. This is why you can use prevention treatments readily available to ensure that the pet is bug-free. You also need to check on their coat frequently to ensure it is clean.

4. Avoid Chemical Pesticides:

If you use chemical pesticides for the plants, you should stop that immediately as it can be poisonous to pets if they consume them by mistake. You can always go for organic products that will not harm them, anyway.

5. Opt for Higher Fences:

I just cannot emphasize how important it is. Your pet does not want to abandon you, but dogs can be goofy and love to explore. This is why the fence needs to be strong and tall enough so that the dog does not escape. Also, ensure there is no gap, so the dog does not get distracted looking outside. Honestly, you also do not want strangers to actually interact with your dog in your absence, as dog kidnapping from the backyard is a possibility. This is why to keep your furry friend safe. Build a strong fence around the backyard. Also, adding fence barriers to the dog does not dig away to the other side.

6. Avoid Granite:

If you let your dog run around the backyard, avoid any granite areas and only landscape the space to have a law. When the dogs run around, granite can cause them injury, whereas lawn is the ideal play area for them. My Akita loves to stay in the backyard most of the day and I let her. if you love Akitas, you can enquire Akita puppies in Ontario.

7. Keep the Lawn Clean:

If you clean the lawn frequently, you can get rid of any dangerous items your dog can swallow. There have been reported incidents where neighbours have dropped something poisonous or hazardous to get rid of the dog just because the neighbours got fed up with the barking. It sounds cruel but is a reality. Therefore, it is up to you to keep your fur baby safe and sound. Also, ensure there are no sharp gravels on the grass as it can injure your dog’s paw pad. When dogs run around, injuring their paw is really easy, which is why you need to avoid anything sharp on the lawn.

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

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