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Best adventures you can do in Canada: Something to choose for every season


TORONTO, ON, Oct. 13, 2021 – Immerse yourself into Canada’s picture-postcard spectacular scenery year-round by exploring a different province every season—yes, even in winter when the country falls beneath a frozen spell. Take a look at some of the best tours in Canada below, choose your favourite, mark your calendar, and start counting the days until your next adventure in Canada’s incredibly scenic backyard.

Canadian Rockies Hiking and Camping Adventure

When to do: Summer

Best places for camping this fall in Canada

Condense the best of the mountains into one action-packed outdoor Canadian Rockies and Hiking Camping Adventure! Discover some of the highlights of Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, and the even more rugged (but epic) David Thompson Country. Get the chance to view some of the more recognizable Canadian classics—Columbia Icefields and Moraine Lake—but the best part about this adventure tour is that your guide will sneak you past the crowds to the more secretive wonders tucked into the Canadian Rockies! Spend time camping and indulging in lip-smacking home-cooked meals concocted with fresh, local ingredients.

Yukon Ultimate Northern Lights Tour

When to do: Winter

Brrrr…Winter in Yukon? Are we crazy? No, we’re just crazy about snow-laden scenery backdropped by Northern Lights! The Yukon Ultimate Northern Lights Tour grants ample opportunity to revel in untouched Canadian landscapes, where wildlife roam, and a snowshoeing journey travels through lush snow on remote paths. Cap off each night by admiring the ever-so-stunning aurora borealis paints the dark sky. While it’s not guaranteed to catch the Northern Lights, heading to Yukon in winter increases your chances tenfold. In addition, this 3-day tour gives the option to extend for two more days!

Vancouver Island Camping Tour

When to do: Late spring, summer, early autumn

Another location, another vibe! Canada’s diverse landscape always amazes, doesn’t it? While the first two tours on this list give a more rugged insight into Canada’s tremendous backdrop, the Vancouver Island Camping Tour boasts golden beaches, flaming sunsets, and rich rainforests. The vibe here? Tropical meets wild. Spend time exploring the best of the island on this tour—visit ancient forests, alpine lakes and stay at oceanfront campsites and lakefronts. With soothing sunset dips and relaxing daytime adventures, this adventure will keep you well entertained!

Winter Highlights of Ontario and Quebec Self-Drive Tour

When to do: Winter

Can’t make it up to Yukon for your seasonal Canadian adventure? Consider embarking on a 12-day road trip through Ontario and Quebec. But don’t expect to just admire the views as they roll outside your heated car—the Winter Highlights of Ontario Self-Drive Tour gets you up and moving. Go alpine or cross country skiing, hiking, or snowshoeing in Mont Tremblant, explore the lakes and forests in Mauricie Region, and spend time walking Quebec’s Old Town District and the winter-wonderland streets of Ottawa and Montreal. En route, you’ll pass by charming villages and scenery.

And we can’t end this section without highlighting the Niagara Falls visit on day two. These mighty falls may be popular, but they are a token bucket list destination for good reason! This tour fuses cozy car rides with rosy-cheek snow-fused adventure, helping you make the most of winter without going stir crazy inside your home.

Chic-Choc Mountains Tour

When to do: Winter to early spring (January-April)

Wanting to explore more unspoiled scenery during the winter and early spring? In Quebec, the Chic-Choc Mountains Tour grants the perfect disconnect from whatever is going on in the outside world—and you won’t have too much time to think about it either. Spend your days on guided walks, snowshoeing, hiking, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, with the option to go backcountry on day three. In the evening, the cozy, warm lodge will have you reminiscing about the day gone past rather than the woes whistling beyond the mountainscape.

Northern Lights in Remote Northwest Territories

When to do: Autumn

If you’re intimidated by a Northern Light escapade in the thick of winter, why not head out to the rarely visited Northwest Territories for the magical aurora borealis show in autumn instead. Yeah, it may be colder up here than in lower Canada during the fall, but the Northern Lights in Remote Northwest Territories tour considers this. Look out for the Northern Lights from a heated outdoor whirlpool or while you sit around a warm campfire! This tour takes you on a scenic flight to Blachford Lake, a remote area teeming with pristine wild landscapes. You can choose your activity during the day, but at night, you’ll come together with your guide to marvel at the colourful natural movie taking place in the sky.

Newfoundland’s North Coast Self-Drive Tour

When to do: Summer and early autumn (June-September)

Stretching across 14 days, Newfoundland’s North Coast Self-Drive Tour gives a roll-by glimpse of Newfoundland’s jagged landscape backed by the Atlantic roaring ocean. While this 14-day self-drive tour will have you exploring inspiring locations, such as hiking in Gros Morne National Park and going on unforgettable wildlife excursions to icebergs, it’s the hospitality of locals that will hook you in. The quaint fishing villages will keep you well-fed and happy, that’s for sure. Canada’s reputation of being “nice” may have very well derived from Newfoundland’s reputable friendliness!

Polar Bear and Tundra Lodge Adventure

When to do: Later autumn

Would you rather go on a tour in Canada in BC or Manitoba? Hands down, the answer is never Manitoba, but the Polar Bear and Tundra Lodge Adventure makes for an unforgettable adventure. Travel to the middle of nowhere, stay at a wilderness lodge with a yore of fur trading days and spend time searching for polar bears. You may scoff at the thought of heading to Manitoba for a tour, but trust us, this adventure brims with unique activities that will introduce you to important pieces of Canadian culture: go dog-sledding and learn about the history and culture of Indigenous communities in the area. Plus, viewing a polar bear in its natural habitat makes for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This adventure offers the chance to switch the narrative of visiting Manitoba for fun ever so slightly.

Which tour in Canada stands out to you the most?

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