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Best Hacks For Watering Plants While You Are Away From Home


If you’re planning on taking a trip or even just going away for the weekend, you may be wondering how to keep your plants watered while you’re gone. Don’t let your garden suffer while you’re gone! With a little planning, you can come home to a healthy and thriving garden.

Fortunately, there are a few hacks that can help you out. Here are a few of the best hacks for watering plants while you are away from home.

1. Use Self-Watering Pots

One of the best ways to ensure your plants get the water they need is to use self-watering pots. These pots have a reservoir of water at the bottom that slowly releases moisture to the roots as needed. This helps to prevent both under and overwatering, as the plant will only take up as much water as it needs.

As an added bonus, self-watering pots can help to reduce the frequency of watering, making them ideal for busy gardeners or those who often forget to water their plants. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your watering workload, self-watering pots are definitely worth considering.

2. Set Up a Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system is an efficient way to water your plants. It can be used to water individual plants or a whole garden, and it can be set up in just a few simple steps.

First, you will need to choose a location for the system. It should be close to a water source and away from any areas that might flood.

Next, you will need to assemble the components of the system. This includes an underground water supply line, drip emitters, and a timer.

Once the system is assembled, you will need to connect it to a water source and set the timer. After that, you’re all set! Your plants will now be able to receive the water they need without any wasted runoff.

3. Ask a Friend or Neighbour to Water Your Plants While You’re Away

One of the challenges of being a plant owner is making sure your plants stay healthy and hydrated while you’re away on vacation. A possible solution could be to simply ask a friend or neighbor to water your plants while you’re away. This can be a great option if you have someone you trust who is willing and able to help out.

Be sure to give them clear instructions on how often to water your plants and where to find the watering can or hose.

You may also want to consider moving all possible plants to a shady spot or grouping them together so they can share moisture.

4. Setting Up An Automatic Watering System

Setting up an automatic watering system can be as simple as placing a timer on your hose faucet, or installing a more complex irrigation system.

An automatic watering system might be the perfect solution. These systems can be customized to water your plants based on their specific needs, and they can be set to run on a timer so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water them.

There are many different types of automatic watering systems available, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. For example, some systems are designed to water your plants on a set schedule, while others have sensors that can detect when your plants need water.

Automatic watering systems can be a great way to conserve water, as they deliver water directly to the root zone of your plants and minimize evaporation. In addition, they can help you to water your plants more evenly, which can lead to healthier plants.

5. Mulching

No one wants to come home from vacation to a dried-out garden. To keep your plants healthy while you’re away, it’s important to take some simple precautions before you go.

First, water your plants thoroughly. Giving your plants a thorough watering before you leave gives them a good supply of moisture to last throughout your trip.

Second, spread a layer of mulch around your plants. Mulch helps to retain moisture and protect roots from the heat.

6. Hiring a Professional Gardening Service

If you’re planning a vacation or extended trip and can’t take your plants with you, hiring a professional gardening service is a great way to ensure that your plants will be well-cared for in your absence. They can also take care of your grass.

A good gardening service will have experience caring for a variety of plants and will be able to provide the specific care that your plants need making sure that your beautiful plants are also getting the right amount of sunlight and water.

In addition, a professional gardening service can also help to control pests and diseases, ensuring that your plants stay healthy while you’re away. So if you’re looking for peace of mind while you’re away from home, hiring a professional gardening service is a great way to go.

We hope you found these tips helpful for keeping your plants healthy while you’re away from home. As you can see, by following these simple tips, a little planning and preparation you can ensure that your garden stays healthy and beautiful while you’re enjoying your time away. 

Your plants will thank you! 

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