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Best Way to Make Money on Football Betting: The Most Effective Method


Football or soccer betting has become a major source of entertainment among sports lovers. Almost everyone loves watching the top two sports: football and cricket. Football is one such sport that gets the highest number of bets. Moreover, placing bets on football is also not that hard, but it is hard to understand the right strategies for placing profitable stakes. The competition in the world of football betting is ever-growing; hence, if you want to win, it’s time to learn some special ways of betting. 

General Situation in Football Sports Betting Market

As per the 2021 reports, the global sports betting market was sized at around $90 billion, and in 2022, the approximate size of the same is assumed to reach close to $100 billion. A huge part of this site is dominated by football betting, which grows with each year. More and more football viewers are getting converted to bettors because they are impressed with how rapidly this market is growing. Besides that, many bettors can make huge profits from football betting, which is quite inspiring for newbie bettors. 

Rebecca Martin is again back with another superb Betzillion Canada guide to help you learn the top football betting strategies. Even if you are new to it, she is sure the tips will help you anyway. Are you excited to find out more? If yes, keep reading the football betting tips shared below! Don’t get scared because by the end of the guide Rebecca will teach you the right ways of placing bets on football without falling for any traps.

List of the Most Effective Methods to Make Money on Football

Go for the Draw Bets

We would also like to say that betting on a draw is not always lucrative. Most bettors place their bets on one game team, but there are hardly any people who think of placing their bets on draw games. You can be one of them! The deposit amount of betting on draws is much less than the money required to bet on other aspects. This is usually because the market of betting on a draw is not that high as most bettors want to back for just one side of the match. 

Some experts also say that you can endure much loss in the long run if you keep following this betting football strategy. Yes, this tip works only when you have calculated the odds well and seen a potential draw between the teams. If you are smart enough to figure out what all leads to a draw match, this strategy will work perfectly. 

Follow What the Top Traders Have Got to Say

Becoming a professional can take time. There are several websites where you can easily follow top traders from the football betting market and see what they have to offer you before each match. These traders usually share their game strategies before matches so their followers can win. 

When you follow a lot of traders and see their posts, you get a general idea of what’s going to work and what’s not. A few areas where the traders excel are half-time markets, over/under bets, and guessing the end score of the teams. Some sites also allow you to have a glimpse of the league tables ascribed to several factors like how the teams will play, their strengths, weaknesses, etc. This helps the bettors place good bets from the very first game onwards. 

Be Different from the Rest

This rule means that you must be different from others to stand out in the crowd. Similarly, when placing your bets on football, do not blindly follow the odds given by other websites. Instead, try analyzing each match and make your own set of odds. This strategy works best because it gives you higher confidence, and you are sure of your guesses while betting. 

Bettors new to football betting are more inclined to follow the odds shared by the bookies without thinking twice. But there are times when the bookies change their odds without informing the bettors. They usually do so when they see a rise of bets on just one odds and want to sell the other odds too. Now, if you are someone who blindly trusts the bookie’s recommendations, you will end up betting on the wrong set of odds and then regret it later. Hence, it’s best to devise your odds from the very start and then match them with other expert sites’ odds before placing your bets!

Keep Tracking of Your Bets

One of the best ways of measuring your success or failure is by keeping track of all the bets you placed in the past. Along with the bets, keep track of the strategies applied and odds followed so that when you look back into the record, you can analyze which strategies have worked for you and which ones haven’t. This will ensure you do not repeat the failed strategies in the future. 

Some websites allow users to track their betting history, but they are usually a bit expensive. To keep tracking, you can either use the old-school pen and paper method or other modern tracking methods like maintaining an excel sheet. Why waste money on such sites when you can do the job in excel or a simple diary? No matter where you keep the record, always mention whether you won or lost the bet; otherwise, the entire record will be useless. Analyze these records for your future bets, and we are sure it will help.

Don’t Blindly Bet on Your Favorite Team

We know that your favorite team is your ‘favorite’ for a reason and might be the bookie’s favorite too but does that necessarily mean that the team will always win the game? However, in the world of sports, it is not always true. Even the opponents with fewer chances of winning can come back stronger and win the trophy without anybody expecting it from them. Hence, it is better to keep all the points in mind while placing your bets and not just go by favoritism. 

Follow All the Rules of Responsible Gambling

Gamblers who do not play responsibly are on the verge of losing more money than winning, which we are sure is not something you would want. If you do not know what rules are to be followed for betting responsible, have a look below:

● Never think of sports betting as a way of making money. Even though we are sharing tips to help you earn more profits via football betting, we do not encourage any gambler to depend on football betting for a living. 

● Do not get so consumed by sports betting that you start caring the least about other things and people around you. Set a particular time limit and stick to that so that you can do other things in life too and spend quality time with your loved ones.

● When you are betting, the outcomes are generated by RNG (Random Number Generator). Hence, you can never be sure whether you will win. Therefore, do not get overwhelmed when you lose. Think of it as a part of the game and move on. 

● You should never borrow money just to gamble. Make sure you fulfill all your necessities first, keep aside some money for savings, and then spend on betting. 

Do Not Overspend on Gambling

Even though this tip falls under the responsible gambling category, Rebecca thinks it requires a special mention because often bettors do not understand it at once. We know that you want to bet more to win more, but there should be a limit on how much you spend every month. You must have a budget for spending on sports betting, which should never be crossed even if tomorrow there’s a match where your two favorite teams are competing against one another.  

Use Deals and Bonuses offered by the Sportsbook

The best football betting sites often offer the best deals and bonuses, which the bettors can profit hugely. So make sure you keep an eye on the rewards and use them whenever possible. For instance, the free bets can help you earn without even investing a single penny. There are also some no deposit bonuses, meaning you can place bets on your favorite sports without depositing any money, and in return, you can win real cash. These rewards are gold mines and, if used right, can help you score high winnings!

Best Online Betting Sites for Profitable Football Betting

Now that you know the ways of effective football betting, let us help you with the best Canadian sportsbooks that you should join:

● LVBet

● TonyBet

● Bethard

● 22Bet

● Ibet

● Betway

● 888Sport

● William Hill

● Energy Bet

● BWin

In case you join some other bookies than the best football betting sites in Canada that we mentioned above, make sure you keep a few vital factors in mind:

  • Always check the security of the site. Before joining, you should go through the bookie’s gambling license, terms and conditions, and security policy page. If anything looks suspicious, moving on to the next site would be smart. 
  • Never join such betting sites that have got a lot of negative reviews on the internet. The best sites for checking live reviews are Reddit, Quora, and AskGamblers
  • Before you join a site, make sure you go through their list of sports offered. Besides football, other sports should keep you entertained while betting on the site. 
  • The bookie should also have a good number of deals and bonuses, without which your betting journey will be dull.
  • Lastly, get in touch with the customer support team to see how promptly they respond to your queries. 

Final Word

We hope this guide helped you learn the right ways of earning money via football betting. As you can see, the strategies are not that hard to understand and apply. If you bet using Rebecca’s tips for a while, she is sure that you will profit a lot. So which football betting tips do you like the most in today’s guide? Do let us know!

About the author

Rebecca Martin is a genius when it comes to sports betting. Her life goal is to help other bettors win more in sports betting, so they don’t get trapped by debt. Her blogs and public conferences have achieved this to a huge extent!

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