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Braava Jet mopping Robot from iRobot


iRobot has done it again, they have given you back hours of freedom to do as you please as it tackles dirt and stains like a pro. Precision Jet Spray and Vibrating Cleaning Head loosen dirt and stains while Braava Jet pads break up and lock away dirt. Braava Jet is a new robot from iRobot that cleans your kitchen or bathroom floors. Just like its big brother the Roomba 980 vacuum it will clean the entire surface of your bathroom and kitchen. It has three simple cleaning  settings: wet mop, damp sweep and dry sweep.


This mini robot is super easy to use and navigates to clean hard to reach places. Just open up the box, charge up the included battery, fill up the reservoir with warm water, then choose the wet mop washable pad or disposable pad. Press clean and watch it scrub your bathroom or kitchen floor. ( no need to fill up the reservoir if choosing Dry pad ). The Braava Jet precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning head reads what type of cleaning you would like by choosing a pad – dry(Sweeps and locks away dust, dirt, and pet hair. Recommended for hardwood, tile, and stone), damp(Clean everyday dust and dirt with a water-activated cleaning agent, leaving a fresh, clean scent ) or wet(Triple-pass cleaning and Vibrating Cleaning Head remove dirt and stains. Can be used on all well-sealed floors such as hardwood, tile, and stone). The Braave Jet squirts out the water in front and starts cleaning. The Braava Jet sells for $199,99 US and all cleaning pads can be purchased online as well. The average size per room is 200 to 250 square feet and it is navigated by the iAdapt 2.o system.

For more information on this must have in your cleaning closet please visit www.irobot.com

Braava Jet Damp Washing Pads
Braava Jet wet mopping pads
Braava Jet Dry Sweeping Pads

Do yourself a favour and order this today, the future is here. www.irobot.com

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