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Canadian Gambling: 4 Trends for 2021


Gambling online has become a major developing market in the world since the internet’s inception. Due to innovations, they are developing extraordinarily fast. At present, it is experiencing considerable changes, since software developers open up more and more possibilities for gamers, using the latest technologies.

The year 2020 has shown us that the future cannot be predicted. Just like in other industries, the pandemic has affected the gaming industry, its performance, the competitive environment, and its future prospects. However, the online gambling industry in Canada continues to thrive despite the pandemic, and some specific industry trends are expected to become more prominent in 2021.

We want to bring to your attention a few new trends in the development of Canadian online casinos using the latest technology.

  1. Implementation of virtual reality technologies in iGaming

VR (virtual reality) is a world created by digital systems. To see and immerse yourself into it, you will need special VR glasses and controllers. Using a special headset, players are transported to a prototype of a real casino, where they are invited to walk through the halls, sit at a table and play not only with unfamiliar users, but also with friends.

In 2021, it is expected that such technologies will be more deeply integrated into the gambling industry. Advanced operators will also begin to integrate VR elements in the mobile sector to offer users to be transferred to the virtual world from tablets or smartphones. Such technologies will be more deeply integrated into the gambling industry. However, the experts point out the difficulties, which the operators will have to face. The development of VR-casino requires large investments which makes it difficult to attract new users to online establishments with virtual reality.

  1. Mobile casino games

An expected number of new smartphone owners by 2021 makes Canadian experts believe that mobile gambling will develop even more rapidly in the future. In addition, almost half of the world’s population still does not own a smartphone, so the growth in mobile device use in the future is likely to lead to an increase in mobile gaming as well.

On the other hand, mobile gambling apps will also improve. Many experts claim that online gambling sites will focus more and more on attracting players to their mobile apps in the coming years. Online casinos, sports betting and poker sites are making great strides in navigation for mobile users, and developing no deposit casinos canada. This is a great opportunity for players to enjoy online games for free. The industry will keep improving the gaming experience and will therefore continue to strive to fully optimize its offerings.

  1. Cryptocurrency payments in online casinos

Cryptocurrencies are successfully used as a means of payment in various areas, including online gaming. Players appreciate the ability to pay in digital money for such virtues:

  • Reliability. Transactions are irreversible. They cannot be traced or interrupted.
  • High speed. Transactions are processed from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.
  • Anonymity. No need to provide personal data to transfer or receive money.
  • No geographical restrictions and bank controls. Gamers from any countries, including those where gambling is prohibited, can play in the casino and make bets.

An excellent solution is to open a bitcoin casino or add a payment option in cryptocurrencies in a traditional online institution. This will help to attract paying gamers, who appreciate high-tech technologies.

  1. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

Systems using AI are empowering operators. Today’s bots are able to:

  • answer standard user questions;
  • manage business processes;
  • analyze the interests of players and select entertainment for them taking into account individual preferences.

By connecting systems with artificial intelligence, operators will be able to manage casinos more effectively and attract new customers.


The interests and needs of players are constantly changing, and operators must take this into account to create a successful gambling project. Analysts predict that 2021 will be one of the most successful years for the gambling business, despite the new restrictions and tightening of legal regulations from the regulatory agencies. Online gambling will continue to expand the audience and introduce new technologies that increase players’ loyalty and motivate them to keep using the platform.

by Mila Roy

Mila Roy is a content strategist at Gamblizard, one of the leading sites specializing in online gambling. She is passionate about playing at online casinos and usually helps players get the best bonuses and promotions. If you have questions or doubts while playing online casino games, Mila will help you get the best gaming experience.

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