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Canadian Online Casino Reviews


3 top Canadian casino reviews

Millions of people have been enjoying gambling games for entertainment for a very long time. It comes as no surprise that as the Internet became a more common form of entertainment for people, online casino games have become increasingly popular over time. However, as the Internet has evolved, the number of casinos that are readily available have increased exponentially. This creates a difficulty in determining which online casinos are reputable and which ones cannot be trusted.

This is why we have compiled this list of some of the most trustworthy Canadian online casinos to help you choose which one you might spend time checking out. When you join an online casino, you need to know that the casino can be trusted with your money.

What to Look for In an Online Casino

Each Canadian online casino is not created equally, so we have reviewed each of the casinos based on a specific set of criteria. Before you deposit real money into your entertainment, you want to make sure that your money and information are safe, that you have access to fun games and your favourite games, and that you also have access to plenty of bonuses and free game play.

Good Security

A secure and trustworthy website is absolutely the most important criteria for your online casino of choice. Each online casino should be fully licensed and all of this information should be easily accessed on their website. If you cannot find the information about their licenses, then they probably do not have them. Further, you want to make sure that the technology that the website uses to protect your information and your bank account information is equally as secure as any other site, which undertakes online transactions.

The other major criteria that is involved with casino security is whether or not the casino allows customers the option to easily deposit or withdraw money. Ideally, you should see no restrictions regarding your ability to either deposit or withdraw your money or your winnings. Most of the reputable casinos understand that you want access to your money immediately, so this is usually not an issue.

Bonuses and Games

We have already mentioned that you want to double-check that the casino you choose, offers the casino games that you like to play. Casinos that do not offer plenty of variety are going to get boring quickly. So, if you want to be sure that your money gets deposited into the right place, go ahead and check out the game selection before you get started.

Most of the highly competitive casinos operate in a similar way to a real casino. This means that they offer plenty of bonuses. They will more often than not, offer sign-up bonuses for potential customers who are just joining their online casino. They will also offer loyalty points for established clients who continue to play with the casino long-term. If you are interested in bonuses, then be sure to check out which casinos offer the best bonuses.

Our Top 3 Choices


Fully licensed, Karamba is everything you want in an online casino. When you visit karamba.com perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is the sleek, compact design of the GUI. The site is extremely intuitive; you’ll easily find slots, table games and virtual sports. There are some fiercely competitive prizes and some of the best bonuses available for new and established clients. Bonus terms and conditions are clearly displayed. Additionally, with seamless, transparent high quality transactions Karamba ensures complete data security and no restrictions on withdrawal of winnings.

Jackpot City

Jackpot City is an online Canadian casino that has over 20 years of experience in the industry. They do a great job with providing a variety of games and they have options for both table games and slots. One of our favourite things about Jackpot City is that they have choices that will allow you to play with a live dealer. If you have ever been in a real casino, then you might miss the feeling of talking to the dealer while you play. Jackpot City can give you the best of both worlds.

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune is another terrific online casino that is completely trustworthy. They have every license that an online casino should have and they have plenty of game options as well. However, it is the really impressive signing bonus that makes it one of the top choices for online games in Canada.

Final Thoughts

Finding an online casino that is trustworthy and secure for your online gaming is really not as simple as it sounds. There are tons of factors that must be considered as well as digging through the multitudes of options that are available. This is why we chose to pick a top three for you, to cut out all of the research that must be done to ensure that you can trust an online casino with the money that you deposit to their site. Whatever option you choose, remember to make sure that it offers your games of choice before you deposit money to the website.

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