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Casino Software Supplier Bragg Gaming Appoints New CEO


Toronto-based technology group, Bragg Gaming has named Yaniv Sherman its new chief executive officer as the Canadian online gambling market heads for legalization. Under new yet experienced leadership, the software provider hopes to take the changes to the new market in stride.

Let’s take a close look at this Canadian casino software firm and its possible importance in the coming years.

What Is Bragg Gaming?

Founded in 2004, the Bragg Gaming Group owns and leads multiple software development studios. It’s a business-to-business platform that connects online casino operators to gaming software providers. It’s a software-as-a-service platform that keeps the wheels turning “behind the scenes” of online casino platform.

Although it’s been around for more than 15 years, the next few might be the most important yet because the company’s main stomping grounds are in North America. With new online gambling laws in Ontario and multiple US states, this market is expected to offer something of a “gold rush.” The doors on NA online gambling have been shut for years, but it seems we’re finally seeing signs of life.

All of the above highlights Yaniv Sherman as a prudent choice for the coming years. He most notably served as a senior executive at 888 holdings, a massive name in the igaming industry. Specifically, he served as the head of 888 Holding’s US operations. With more than 20 years of experience in North American online gambling, Sherman seems like a perfect fit.

As for Bragg Gaming, their recent activity seems to show that they are moving for massive expansion. This makes a lot of sense considering the legislative circumstances we mentioned above.

“Yaniv’s strong record and his expertise (…) will drive value for Bragg as we leverage our recent acquisition of Spin Games, our growing internal game development capabilities, partnerships with leading third-party game studios, and iGaming platform capabilities to establish and quickly expand our presence across the rapidly growing and evolving U.S. online gaming landscape.”

According to Bragg chairman Paud Goldfrey, growth will be the main focus in the coming months. These are indeed interesting times to be an online gambling business in North America.

Casino Software Providers – What do They Do?

Most online gamblers primarily interact with their hobby through online casinos. However, the casinos rarely actually make the games. That falls into the category of casino software providers.

As the name implies, these are software development studios focused on providing the required games. Bragg Gaming owns and manages several such studios, such as Oryx Gaming, Wild Streak Gaming, and Spin Games. The developers themselves rarely handle distribution and publishing, which is there the Bragg Gaming Group comes in.

However, it’s important to highlight that the software providers themselves can be truly massive corporations. A great example these days is Evolution, a massive Swedish conglomerate and one of the leading names in the industry. Arguably, casino software providers are even more influential than the actual casino operators.

In short, they tend to dictate how the industry develops. After all, online gambling has gone above and beyond what it was in the days of brick-and-mortar hotel casinos. This advancement was spearheaded by new ways to experience gambling. For instance, the Evolution Crazy Time game is a combination of gambling and a Wheel-of-Fortune-like TV show. This particular genre went on to become a popular staple at online casinos in Canada.

Our point is that tackling the rapidly growing internet gambling industry includes more than just regulating operators. First of all, software providers typically partner with hundreds of casinos, which gives them more reach and potential for growth. Secondly, not keeping an eye on how i-gaming develops can leave regulations woefully unprepared to tackle emerging technologies.

In short, Bragg Gaming’s recent successes may be another bit of good news for online gambling in Canada.

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