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The subtitle to this newly-released biography 'Scotty By Ken Dryden review' of legendary NHL coach Scotty Bowman reads as “A Hockey Life Like No Other”. And it certainly does justice to Bowman and his Hall of Fame career behind the bench. Growing up on the mean...
In his latest best-seller The Institute, literary horror meister Stephen King gives his take on the dystopian novel with a dash of the banality of evil to spice things up. Mixed together, these ingredients end up as an absorbing, chilling book that could be easily ripped...

In the days when print newspapers reigned, it was not uncommon for an aspiring reporter’s first assignment at the newspaper that they hoped to build a journalistic career was to.

Back in the mid and late 1980s, I spent my Sunday mornings at the old CJAD studios on 1411 Fort Street, fulfilling my role as “Igor the Screaming Screener” on the station’s very popular “Trivia Show” program. At that time, the show was helmed by...
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