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CBD for Dogs: Guidelines for Giving Your Pet CBD Safely


CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of more than 113 compounds found in hemp that might benefit your dog. Some of them are reducing seizures, relieving pain, and lowering dogs’ anxiety.

When you hear about such benefits of CBD, start to search for information, ask questions, and look for the correct dosage, to make it safe. If you want CBD for your dog, you can always start via the link, https://askgrowers.com/cbd/cbd-products-for-pets.

Short-term studies show that CBD is safe for dogs and has soft side effects. However, there is still a question of how CBD can affect pets in long-term use. CBD could be effective for dogs when used properly and correctly. It is crucial to speak with your veterinarian before starting CBD. So here is what you need to know about CBD and how it can help your dog.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Most experts consider CBD safe for dogs, but there are only small studies that have stated its safety. For instance, there is a small from 2019 where researchers tested how dogs react to a 12-week use of CBD twice a day. For each dose, the dogs took 2 mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight. For example, a 13 kg dog received 27 mg of CBD.

In this study, researchers conducted blood tests to observe whether the dogs had harmful effects. So such a dose is safe for pets. But if we talk about higher doses might lead to more risks. In a 2018 study, researchers gave pets a daily dose of 10mg per kg or 20mg per kilogram of CBD. For example, a 13kg dog would receive 136mg or 272mg daily. In this case, all the dogs experienced diarrhea, and about the third part showed symptoms of certain liver enzymes, but none of them had liver failure.

Guidelines for Giving Your Dog CBD

  • It would help if you gave CBD with breakfast or dinner. CBD is better absorbed when it is given with a meal.
  • Products that are full-spectrum hemp might be more effective. CBD-rich hemp is better than CBD alone. If you use such CBD, you might need less CBD to reach the effect.
  • Always buy CBD products made for dogs. Don’t share with your dog CBD products created for people. Human products might contain such additives as xylitol or caffeine that are toxic for your dog.
  • Always follow the dosage on the label. Determining the correct dose of CBD will depend on your pet’s weight. Bigger dogs will need larger doses to reach an effect. You should start with a low dose and increase it slowly, keeping an eye on the pet’s reactions.

Types of CBD for Dogs

CBD products for dogs might take various forms you can give to your pet. Some of them are:

  • Oil tinctures
  • CBD-infused dog treats
  • Capsules
  • CBD-infused skin cream

CBD dissolves in fat. That’s why oils might work better for your pet than other forms of CBD products like capsules. However, it might take some time to determine what type of CBD is best for your dog. For instance, some dogs might not want to swallow CBD oil.

How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

We still need more data about CBD for dogs and humans. However, the current results are promising, and CBD might help in a few situations to overcome various conditions.

Some of the common uses of CBD and its effects on dogs are:

  • Pain relieve. A few studies have shown that CBD can relieve pain in dogs who suffer from arthritis. This study focuses on arthritis, but CBD can also help with other conditions.
  • Reduce seizures for dogs with epilepsy. If you combine CBD with standard seizure treatment, the effect will be better.
  • Reduce anxiety levels. May pet owners state that CBD can help their dogs ease anxiety in stressful situations. For instance, when they go to the vet clinic, thunderstorms, etc.

CBD needs about half an hour to start working, and the effects will last about four to six hours. However, it depends on your dog’s metabolism.

CBD affects the Endocannabinoid system(ECS), which is responsible for many significant functions in your dog’s body.

Side Effects and Risks of CBD for Dogs

There are also side effects of CBD. They are similar in humans and dogs. Some possible effects are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Lowered blood pressure or lightheadedness

Today, there isn’t any evidence that CBD can lead to short-term health problems, but it is not known how it will affect dogs in long-term use.

So for today, some people are using it for dogs to overcome numerous conditions. However, it is important to pay attention to the dosage and start with low. It is important to note that before giving CBD to your pet, always first consult with a veterinarian.

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