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Celebrate the Solstice with Soy – Earth to Body


The Western world based cultures sometimes refer to the ‘solstice’ holiday as ‘Christmas’, the date settling on December 25th.  There are many theories as to the date, one of course, being the birth of Christ. This day is now celebrated worldwide.

imagesThe Winter Solstice is the day of the shortest time between the sun rising and the sun setting. This year, 2016, the solstice is on December 21st. Many holiday customs are borrowed from the solstice.  Most of us take these traditions for granted, not realizing their history.  It is customary in Canada to decorate our homes with herbs and evergreens, hang Christmas stockings and wait for Santa Claus to climb down the chimney, or through the window.  We invite friends and family to feast and party, exchange gifts, send greeting cards and call or reconnect by mail or phone.  We decorate our homes with electric lights.  It is the time of year when we volunteer, donate holiday food baskets, attend office Christmas parties and volunteer at the shelters. These activities are part of the celebration of the solstice.

One special activity is to honour the solstice with light!  A candle, a fireplace, a woodstove, the smells of cedar and cinnamon enticing the Zen. Circle Sanctuary tells us how to celebrate with light.

newspaper_02B‘Honor the new solar year with light. Do a Solstice Eve ritual in which you meditate in darkness and then welcome the birth of the sun by lighting candles and singing chants and Pagan carols. If you have a indoor fireplace or an outdoor fire circle, burn an oak log as a Yule log and save a bit to start next year’s fire. Decorate the inside and/or outside of your home with electric colored lights. Because of the popularity of five pointed stars as holiday symbols, this is a good time to display a pentagram of blue or white lights.’  

Earth to Body would like to help you celebrate the light. We have soy candles.  Not paraffin. Soy. Not beeswax. We do love beeswax and recommend it, but unfortunately beeswax is too hot to dual as both a candle and a body wax.   But a soy candle celebrates both the body and the soul.  If you wish to enjoy a candle and dip into its goodness, soy is the choice.

Light the candle. Listen to your favourite music.  Relax.
Enjoy the moment.  Lean forward and dip your finger into the melted wax. 
Warm. Soft. Silky.
Gently rub the soy onto the skin. Sensual. Luxurious. Moisturizing. Soy on the skin is a celebration of the Solstice. Like a rebirth.  A new year.  A beginning.

If you would like to Celebrate the Solstice with Soy, do enjoy our large Soy Candles or our Soy Votives.  Choose from lovely essential oil scents.

By the way, if you prefer beeswax to soy, to enjoy just the light this solstice, our vendor friend, Heavenly Honey has wonderful Beeswax candles!

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By Martha Shannon – totimes.ca

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