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Comprehensive guide to popular online casino games


One of the fastest changing markets in the world is the gaming industry. Modern online casino games software manufacturers and gaming operators have thousands of games in their collections.

Their range is diverse: roulette, poker, online slot machines, craps and much more. All currently available online casino games may vary in complexity, availability and degree of risk.


Any online slot consists of spinning reels, which may be three or more, depending on the design of the machine. During the game, the reels spin and, after stopping, can drop different combinations of images, among which only those with only the same image in the same row win. Horizontal combinations of 1 to 3 and, in some cases, five, if both vertical lines are counted, could be a winning result.


Not only real money slots are popular. Originally, baccarat was a favourite game of aristocrats. In online casinos, customers play against the establishment. They bet on one of the notional games to win, and then simply watch the process. A distinction is made between the following types of games:

  • classic baccarat;
  • mini baccarat;
  • punto banco;
  • chemin de fer.


Roulette is a cyclical game. Once the ball drops, the winning number is determined and all payouts are made, the game starts again. The ball then launches into the roulette chute again, and gamblers can bet once again.

Currently, there are three main types of online roulette, found in real and online casinos.

  • European roulette;
  • American roulette;
  • French roulette.

Each type has different features. However, the principle in these games is the same.


Blackjack is a very popular card game due to its various strategies, simplicity and fun. The aim of the game is to accumulate more points on the cards in order to beat the dealer. The highest possible hand in Blackjack is 21.

It’s no secret that blackjack has a better chance of winning than slots. A basic blackjack strategy lays the necessary foundation.


Players compete for the pot, which is a certain amount of money or chips, played by them. In online poker games in the casino the role of the bank is played by the casino’s cash pool. Cards are ranked from deuce to Ace, which is the highest card. However, in some combinations the Ace may also count as a One.

There is a hierarchy of combinations where the highest card beats the lowest card. There are exceptions to this, such as Omaha High-Low, but seniority of suits is irrelevant. At Vulkan Bet casino one can find all types of online poker to play for money and free.

Tournament Poker

Because of its unique intellectual component, tournament poker is recognised as a sport in some countries. Casinos become best known for their poker championships, the most important being the WSOP (World Series of Poker) held every year in Las Vegas. They play poker and online casinos for money, where each bet has its own monetary value.

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