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Determinants of Window Replacement Costs


Doing window replacement can be tiresome and an expensive exercise. Due to the existing conditions, like exposure to moisture and extreme heat, rotting, wear and tear, there comes a time when your windows need to be replaced. Difficulties in opening and closing of windows, cracking sounds, and peeling off paint are some of the signs that may indicate that your windows need to be replaced.

As a homeowner, you might lack knowledge on how much replacing windows costs. The costs of replacement vary depending on certain variables. Here are some variables that determine your window replacement cost.

1. The Quality And Type Of Material Used To Make The Windows

There are many materials in the market that are used to manufacture window frames. The better the quality of the material the more expensive it is. For instance, wood is the most common material that makes window frames, but wood is not durable as it rots when exposed to moisture. Vinyl on the other hand is considered to be a strong material that is more durable than wood. Therefore, vinyl is more expensive than wood because it lasts longer.

2. Number Of Windows To Be Replaced

The larger the size of the window, the more expensive it will be to purchase and replace it. The more replacement windows you are considering replacing, the more the cost you will incur. This is because window replacement companies charge according to the number of windows being replaced, hence the more the windows the higher the cost.

3. The Type Of Replacement To Be Done

The type of replacement to be done depends on the current condition of the original window. How much it will cost you is usually dependent on the type of technique used in replacing your windows. The type of replacement option to be used is dependent on how much the old window has been damaged. There are two types of window replacement techniques;

Full Frame Installation

This type of window replacement is where not only the window is replaced, but also the frame that holds it into the wall. This replacement technique applies when the frame holding the window is rotten and cannot hold the replacement window. Full frame installation involves the removal of the original window, its frame, and the hinges or bolts holding it. This is considered to be an expensive method of window replacement. This is because it provides a long-term solution to your windows problem.

Retrofit Installation

This is usually done when the replacement window can fit in the original windows space without the need for much repairs. This method is much cheaper than the full-frame installation because it does not involve a lot of repairs.

The Type Of Window

There are several types of replacement windows to choose from when doing window replacement. The windows come in variety depending on the features that each of them possesses. Some windows are energy efficient while others are equipped with seals making them airtight. The features that a certain window has determine how much it will cost. For example, energy-efficient replacement windows are more expensive than windows that are not energy efficient. The customizations that you want to be done on your window, are another determinant of how much the window will cost you. This is because of additional labor required as well as the extra skills to be applied as well as additional materials used in customization. Hence, a custom-shaped window will definitely cost you more than an ordinary shaped window.

The Installation Company

The type of company that you choose is also a determinant of the costs that you will incur. This is because some companies will approve for a full frame window installation where a retrofit installation can work adding extra costs on you. The work experience that a company has also determines how they charge you. The more the work experience, the more they consider themselves more qualified for a job hence the higher the costs of replacement. It is advisable that you choose a more experienced window replacement company as they may offer better services.

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