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Eight things you need to know before buying your next shoes


No doubt, shoes are a central part of your outfit. Your stylish look cannot be complete without getting the right and complimenting pair of shoes. Shoe shopping can be a fun moment as long as you know what you need and are looking for. But when choosing shoes, you need to be conscious. Not only about your feet and style, but also eco-conscious with products such as sustainable shoes.

Your shoes are not only for making you stand out but also for enhancing your safety. If you are in the processes of getting a new pair of shoes, you need to consider several aspects. Knowing these things will help you pick the right shoes that will match your style and guarantee comfort. Here they are:

Shopping time is crucial

Most people love shopping during the day and morning hours. You do not want to miss the latest fashion outfit by making a mistake on the shopping time. For this reason, you are among the first people on the instore when they have new arrivals. This is not a bad idea, but it should only work for other outfits, not shoes.

Unlike dresses and accessories, daytime is not the perfect time to shop for shoes. Your feet size changes with time, and you need to consider this aspect when buying your shoes. As per experts, the best time to buy shoes is in the evening hours. During this time, the feet are at their maximum size. So, a shoe fitting you at this time will be perfect and comfortable. 

Know the purpose of the shoes

Your shoes shopping affair need to be a purpose-driven one. Are you replacing a worn-out pair? Is it for a special occasion you are attending? Or you want another pair for your job? When buying shoes, always have a particular purpose that they are going to serve.

Having a purpose will help you make the right choices. This way, you’ll avoid buying shoes that will become useless as they are not serving a particular purpose.

Size matters than the tagline

No doubt, everyone has their preferences and tastes. This aspect is no different when it comes to buying shoes. You are in love with specific brands. Some people will visit the Asics Canada store as they love their products. Others will opt for Nike and other shoe brands. However, these tag lines should not lead you to making the wrong decisions.

A fitting shoe is what needs to be a priority. If the pair of shoes from your preferable brand does not fit you, don’t force it on yourself. Consider the alternative brands as long as their quality and design align with your desire. Always remember the size of the shoes is what matters than their tagline.   

Comfort is a priority

Unlike a coat or hat, your shoes must stay on for the long part of the day. What this means is that you should feel comfortable when on them. For this reason, comfort should be a priority when choosing a pair of shoes. Never fall on the marketing tricks that many salesperson use.

One of these tricks is on broadening aspect. The salespeople will tell you that the shoes will expand when you complain of discomforts. Remember, these people are in business and will all they can to drive sales. If the shoes are not comfortable, don’t buy them.

As well, it is recommendable to assess the interior surface to ensure it is smooth and soft. Use your hand for this assessment. Failing to do this will mean that you will buy rough shoes leading to swelling and blisters.

Sole flexibility matters

Another essential aspect you need to know is the sole flexibility. A flexible sole makes the shoes comfortable, particularly when walking. The sole enhance the relaxation and movement of the feet muscles. This saves you from joint pains and injuries.

In this essence, sole flexibility needs to be a priority. You should not pick unfit shoes due to their appearance. If the sole is rigid, the boots are a bad idea.   

Make independent judgement

Most people buy shoes due to the influence of a celebrity or a star. You will find people wearing shoes they saw a football or Hollywood star wearing. Maybe you are one of them. If so, you are doing the wrong thing. Shoes buying should be a personal decision. You should make an independent judgement on the right shoes that fits you and your purpose.

So, ask yourself this question “if the celebrity did not feature in this shoe, should I consider it or any other item from the brand?” If your answer is no, you should consider another pair of shoes that you will love without any one’s influence.

Always try both feet

In most case, people try one foot when buying shoes. What you should know is that your feet sizes differ. Research shows that many people have one foot larger than the other. Trying one foot does not mean that the shoe will be fine and fitting for the other.

For this reason, always ensure you try your favourite shoes with both legs before purchasing them. Otherwise, you will waste your money with unfit and uncomfortable pair.

Measure your feet

Did you know your feet size changes with time? This time not due to expansion or swearing. Even if you think you are an adult, your feet size does not stop growing.

Before you shop for your next pair of shoes, it is recommendable to take your feet measurement. When it is hard to do it, ensure you measure your feet after every two years. This exercise can be a good reason for getting a new pair of shoes.

Wrapping up

In a word, getting a new pair of shoes comes with its excitement. You feel so nice every time you buy shoes for your official work or special occasion. However, if you do not know what to look for or pick the perfect one, the joy will last for a short time.

Understanding various elements about shoe selection can make the task simple. So, considering the above aspects will go a long way in making your next shoe shopping affair a fun moment.  

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