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How to recognize a quality body shop


Every driver knows how to operate a vehicle. But when it’s time to lift up the hood and fix what’s wrong, that’s when they run into problems. Here are a few signs that indicate a body shop is high quality.

Motorists may be in a bit of a Catch-22 situation: how can a driver without in-depth car maintenance knowledge identify the best mechanics? However, driving is a necessity for many, and having a reliable, affordable mechanic adds years to your vehicle and keeps expenses down.

Repair Luxury Vehicles

If someone can repair a luxury sports car that costs upwards of, say, a quarter-million dollars, they can surely fix more modestly priced cars. If people wealthy or lucky enough to own one of these vehicles trust such a mechanic, you can too.

For one thing, they have their choice of any mechanic. They don’t settle for just any old body shop. Secondly, even if you don’t own a luxury vehicle, a mechanic must have exceptional knowledge and skills to tackle such rare vehicles.

If a body shop regularly repairs Lamborghinis, you can trust them with your Honda.

Handles Every Fix   

Once you drop your vehicle off at the Toronto auto shop, you want to know they can fix whatever’s broken. From transmission issues to engine repairs and standard auto maintenance, look for a premier mechanic that can handle whatever needs to be fixed.

It’s a bonus if they service electric and hybrid vehicles. People need to commit to reducing their carbon footprint, and Green vehicles help.

Tire Services

The rock band Phish reminds us that “the tires are the things on your car that make contact with the road,” so it’s important to stay on top of their maintenance, especially in environments with harsh winters, like Canada.

Some body shops sell, install, rotate, and balance tires, so your vehicle will grip the road as it should in all seasons. When a body shop handles everything from the big, complicated fixes to the tires, you know they’re serious.

Friendly, Streamlined Service

Finally, booking a service appointment should be easy and straightforward. The best mechanic in the world isn’t useful if you can get in the door.

Instead, look for a body shop that lets you book appointments through their website. All you should need to do is describe what’s wrong with your vehicle, provide some contact information, and when you’d like to drop off and pick up the car.

When a body shop goes to these lengths to make service easy, that’s a good sign. It’s even better when they service your car with a smile. Family-owned companies tend to be friendlier.

People need to drive to get where they’re doing quickly and reliably, so they need a working vehicle. Every mechanic claims to offer customers superior services with a smile — no body shop ever claims to be mediocre and expensive in their promotions! But if you look for a shop that has all the above qualities, you’ll know you’ve got a trustworthy mechanic.

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