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Five easy ways to soundproof your condo apartment


Basically, the condo is a successful project of living in an urban area. People who want to live in a small area can live in a condo apartment as long as they want. To save money the landlord or the owner of the condo apartment construct very cheaply. They don’t use thick substances for making walls. Most of the time the walls are connected with the neighbour wall. So, for the weak construction, you will face massive noise problems often. You will find lots of condo sound pollution-related data in city soundproofing Toronto. However, here are 5 easy ways we have explained that will help you make your condo soundproof.

Five easy ways of condo apartment soundproofing

There are several methods available to reduce noise in condo apartments. Some of them are checked and some of them are expensive. It is surely up to you which method you would adopt. But here you will get five methods that are best and perfect for condos.

Find weak spots

Sound Waves are flexible like fluid. So when they find any weak point like holes and gaps, they get into it. Most of the time additional sound that we wanted to reduce comes through weak spots. So, before taking any soundproofing action, we have to find weak spots in our condo. Otherwise, the whole process will be in vain. You can try multiple tests to determine the weak spots in the wall, floor, roof, windows, and doors. More specifically try to find holes, gaps, crevices, and cracks. Then block all the weak spots if possible or use soundproofing methods to reduce unwanted noise.

Soundproof curtains and carpets

Carpets and curtains are not only an element of home decoration. You can use those for multiple purposes. We don’t want to face additional background noise in your houses. Because it reduces the standard of living and also causes various health issues. Basically soundproof carpets and curtains block unwanted sounds crossing. So, you will get rid of outside noise and inside echoes. Though this solution is not best for every kind of house, it really works better in condos. In fact, this solution is also cheaper and easily available in the market. However, always look for winter carpets cause it has several layers of fabric that hold the sound. Soundproof curtains not only block noise but also block drafts and add outstanding styles to your rooms.

Seal doors and windows

Doors and windows are great and open-source of additional sound. The reason behind it is the wide area of open space. Most of the time we leave the windows open. Moreover, windows and doors have lots of weak spots to give access to unwanted noise. So, we have to take important steps before starting soundproofing our house and condos. However, to soundproof your condo you have to seal front doors and windows. Apparently, condo doors are not strong enough for their hollowness. So you have to replace the door with a solid and heavy-sit door. On the other hand, you can use a selling kit and install it on your hollow door. The pipe insulation foam of the selling kit prevents the transfer of sound from outside of the door. But using the selling kit depends on your budget. On the other hand, soundproof curtains are perfect for windows to block sound transfer from outside. In fact, applying pipe insulation foam to the edges also helps to soundproof the windows.

Install bookshelves

Installing bookshelves is a common method of soundproofing walls. This method also increases the knowledge base and also reduces sound effects on your room. However, books and bookshelves combination made a hard second wall beside the actual wall. So, if the sound by chance crosses the first wall, it won’t pass the second wall. On the other hand, bookshelves increase the decoration of a room. So, find out which wall is vulnerable to sound problems and then install bookshelves in front of that wall. The bookshelf size will depend on the wall size of the condo. So, adjust the size and fill all the shelves with thick books. A bookshelf with thick books is a perfect barrier for sound transfer.

Install sound barriers

When the question of soundproofing comes in front, installing a sound barrier popup is in mind first. This is one of the most popular soundproofing methods in an urban area. It has some really essential and working features. So, people install sound barriers even if it is more expensive than other solutions. However, noise barriers are very effective in highway, railway, and industrial sound sources. But it also works fine for soundproofing condos and studios. The material that is used to build a sound barrier consumes the sound wave and prevents it from transferring between walls. Though this method works fine, people are sometimes discouraged to use it. Because installing a sound barrier is expensive. If you have enough budget you can try this. Otherwise, the above-explained methods are also capable of soundproofing condo apartments.

Bottom line

Which method will work best on your condo apartment is not a hard question. But you have to apply multiple ways to fully soundproof your condo or living room. However, you can ask professionals so that you can reduce the waste of investment.

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