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Generation Wolf: Business as usual


This movie directed by Christian de la Cortina (who also plays the main role) is built on an old but effective formula by which events unleashed by the protagonist’s own actions eventually snowball to bring him new conflicts and challenges. Vincent del Toro (Christian de la Cortina) is running a business with an innovative idea: to recover some

Christian de la Cortina directed and played the leading role in Generation Wolf
Christian de la Cortina directed and played the leading role in Generation Wolf

abandoned luxury cars, totally renovate them to make them look as vintage vehicles again, and, the most important, to replace their engines for new, electric ones. Right after he closes an important transaction he learns that actually the electric engines he is using don’t comply with the current norms and all his luxury cars are impounded by state agents. He quickly flies from California to Detroit where his former girlfriend Valery (Hayley Sales), an attractive and intelligent career woman who works for Rumkroff; a German company that sells the electric engines that Vincent requires, would agree to help her former boyfriend. She would procure the engines for Vincent on the commitment that he would pay them in a rather short period of time.

Bill (Tyler Murree) is working with dangerous people
Bill (Tyler Murree) is working with dangerous people

Back at his dad’s place, Vincent would try to find the money to pay for the engines. His father, Juan Pablo (Sergio Hernandez) is dedicated to the son and has willingly put up his house as collateral for Vincent’s company. He also puts a recently renovated truck at his son’s disposal so he can carry on on his business, which at this point is basically to find the money he doesn’t have. By chance he meets his former

Valery (Hayley Sales) is Vincent's former girlfriend
Valery (Hayley Sales) is Vincent’s former girlfriend

schoolmate Bill (Tyler Murree) whom besides his jovial appearance is running a lucrative marijuana in-house plantation. Vincent would eventually partner with Bill and install a larger plantation in an abandoned shack on his father’s land. But then things would get complicated, and Vincent would face difficult decisions. He would also end up dealing with more dangerous people than he expected.

Jaun Pablo (Sergio Hernandez) the father of Vincent
Jaun Pablo (Sergio Hernandez) the father of Vincent

“Generation Wolf” is set in California, but was partly shot in the Montreal area. It is a story that should keep viewers interested until the very end, where one can conclude that despite all the vicissitudes everything seems fine, “business as usual” as the saying goes.
Length: 90 min.
By: Sergio Martinez – totimes.ca

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