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Hefter twins run social media company – Social Movement LJ


Social Movement LJ – It is important for businesses today to have a social media presence, but some lack skilled personnel or time to get the job done. That’s where identical twins Jacklyn and Leanna Hefter come in with their company, Social Movement LJ. The twins offer social media management, blogger campaigns, content creation and otherwise offer “influencer” services to make things happen in niche markets.

“We are 29 years old,. Last year, we were proudly nominated for an award offered to entrepreneurs under 30,” explains Jacklyn. “While we are identical, Leanna is slightly taller and a little blonder than myself. She runs the Toronto office while I manage Montreal operations.”

Jacklyn and Leanna Hefter

Naturally, social media involves: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, etc; interactive websites that much of the population plugs into and where digital trends often begin. Such websites allow users to create online communities, sharing information, ideas, personal messages, as well as other content. And digital trends, properly managed, can turn into increased sales!

“We primarily target medium-sized businesses without a lot of social media savvy. Our client list is extensive and includes restaurants, manufacturers, distributors, software companies, etc. We can service many industries.” Social Movement LJ also counts some individuals among its clients.

“Social media education was not offered when I went to high school, but I felt I needed to explore this industry. My dad told me then that social media was not a real thing. Now he’s our business partner!”

How do you get training in something not offered in school? This dilemma confronted Jacklyn and Leanna when they graduated from Cegep. Working in the field to gain experience was not an option either. Back then, most companies were largely unaware of social media. Fortunately, Jacklyn got a job with one of the few companies that did have a social media department: Playboy.

“A photography blog that I ran in in 2009 went viral, landing me the position. Some people are shocked to learn that I worked with Playboy, but I never had to take off my clothes and pose for photos or anything. Instead, I learned the skills I needed for social media,” says Jacklyn. She mentions visiting the Playboy Studios in California and meeting the whole team there. “It was an amazing, amazing experience.”

Largely unknown to many Montrealers, Playboy has had a presence here via internet porn behemoth, MindGeek with offices on Decarie Blvd in Cote des Neiges, notably managing Playboy TV’s Cougar Club L.A for many years.

“When we started our company, there were few competitors, but now the field is exploding. We differentiate in terms of our expertise, ability to influence trends. We know our clients are getting results when they generate sales. Other indicators include high reaction levels, high visibility, and more online engagement. We absolutely love what we do and also offer great value for our services.”

Jacklyn and Leanna Hefter
By: John Symon – info@mtltimes.ca
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