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Holguin all-inclusive vacations – Your source for the best all-inclusive deals


Holguin, Cuba, is known as the ‘City of Parks’ with many lush public spaces. Visitors can marvel at the grand monumental statues and fountains featured in Parque Calixto Garcia and explore picturesque plazas such as Cacocum Plaza Mayor. Nature lovers will appreciate the nearby dive locales off Playa Guardalavaca, where they can frolic alongside gray reef sharks and explore a kaleidoscope of sea coral. 

Beyond its beautiful beaches and parks, Holguin is an ideal destination for history buffs looking to learn more about Cuban culture as it features attractions like Parroquial Mayor Nuestra Senora de la Caridad Church. Whether you are immersing yourself in nature or discovering new cultural experiences, Holguin has something for everyone.

What to expect from an all-inclusive Holguin vacation

An all-inclusive vacation in Holguin is a great way to experience Cuban culture and the vibrant local scenes without worrying about personal expenses. Not only will you have access to luxurious accommodations, but a wide range of activities is also included in your package. Whether you opt for a beachfront stay or decide to explore the impressive historical district, there is something for everyone on an all-inclusive vacation in Holguin. 

From fine dining restaurant experiences with traditional Caribbean cuisine to exciting excursions like exploring nearby Playa Paraiso and Cayo Bariay, there is plenty of adventure waiting to be uncovered during your stay in Holguin. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that many amenities such as spa treatments, vineyard tours, watersports and much more are already included in the price of your vacation package.

How to choose the right all-inclusive resort for you

When selecting an all-inclusive resort, it can be daunting to consider a range of factors such as destination, pricing, amenities, and activities before making a choice. To make sure you’re investing in the right getaway for you and those you’re traveling with, start by researching and understanding what type of vacation experience is best for your needs. 

Familiarize yourself with the property’s reviews, check out videos and photos online, set a budget and read up on any off-site attractions that can further enhance your time away. With thoughtful consideration and mindful researching, you’ll soon find yourself at the perfect all-inclusive resort for an unforgettable holiday!

The benefits of booking an all-inclusive Holguin vacation package

An all-inclusive vacation package offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy a worry-free getaway. Heading off for a relaxing holiday does not mean vacationers have to sacrifice their favorite creature comforts, as all-inclusive packages offer an expansive list of amenities that add value and convenience to any adventure. 

From airfare and accommodation to meals, drinks, access to activities, transportation and more – booking an all-inclusive package is an ideal way of ensuring the ultimate stress-free experience. Not only do vacationers save money by bundling everything together, but they also benefit from the convenience of having almost everything planned in advance and ready for them, leaving them with plenty of time to relax and explore their destination.

Things to do in Holguin during your stay

Visit El Parque Calixto Garcia

No trip to Holguin would be complete without a visit to El Parque Calixto Garcia. This large public park is home to a variety of attractions, including gardens, monuments, fountains, and more. One of the park’s most notable features is its central plaza, which hosts live music performances throughout the week from local artists. It’s also worth noting that El Parque Calixto Garcia serves as an important gathering place for locals and visitors alike. 

Explore Loma de la Cruz

Another must-see attraction in Holguin is Loma de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross). Located just outside the city center, this hilltop offers stunning views of the surrounding area as well as several historical monuments. Atop the hill stands a large wooden cross that dates back to 1790 when it was erected by Spanish settlers living in the region. Visitors can climb up to the base of the cross or admire its beauty from afar.  

Take a Tour Of The Historic City Center 

The historic city center in Holguin offers plenty to discover with its unique blend of colonial architecture and modern urban life. Start your exploration by strolling down Mella Street where you’ll find everything from small family-run restaurants and cafes to high-end boutiques and souvenir shops. Be sure not to miss out on Plaza de la Revolucion, which is an important landmark for tourists and locals alike.  

Guardalavaca Beach 

Holguin boasts some beautiful beaches along its northern coast, including Guardalavaca Beach. This picturesque beach stretches out over 6 kilometers and has soft white sand dotted with palm trees and crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming or snorkeling in search of colorful coral reefs and sea life. Plenty of restaurants are nearby serving delicious local cuisine, making it a great spot to spend your day relaxing in the sun.

Cayo Saetia Wildlife Reserve 

Cayo Saetia is an island located 30 kilometers off the northeast coast of Cuba. It’s home to a variety of exotic wildlife, including zebras, antelopes, and buffalo imported from Africa. Visitors can take safari tours or go on horseback rides around the island. There are also several beaches on the island that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. 

Castle of Jagua

The Castle of Jagua is one of Holguin’s most popular attractions and dates back to 1745. This majestic castle stands tall as one of the oldest fortifications in Cuba and was used to protect the city from pirates and other invaders. Today, visitors can explore its grounds filled with cannons and ancient artifacts before heading up to the rooftop for stunning views of Holguin Bay.  

Tips for making the most out of your all-inclusive holiday in Cuba

Know What’s Included Before You Go

Before booking your all-inclusive Holguin Vacation Package, ensure you understand exactly what’s included in your package. Most packages will include accommodation and meals, but there can be variations between different packages. Some may also offer extras such as access to exclusive clubs or activities like diving or snorkeling trips. Knowing exactly what’s included before you go will help you plan accordingly and get the most out of your trip without any surprises! 

Prepare Yourself for Cuban Culture

Cuba is unique in that it offers visitors a glimpse into life before modernity – but with all its wonders comes some cultural differences that you should be aware of. Be sure to research local customs before your trip so that you can respect local traditions and avoid any cultural faux pas during your stay. And don’t forget about having proper travel documentation – knowing what type of visas are required for entry is essential! 

Research Local Cuisine                                

Food is an important part of Cuban culture, so take some time to research local cuisine before you pack your bags! There are many traditional dishes that use fresh seafood, tropical fruits and vegetables – perfect for those who want a real taste of authentic Cuban cuisine. Plus, if there is something specific that you are looking for on your vacation (like vegan or vegetarian options), then researching ahead of time will help ensure that all your dietary needs are met while on vacation! 

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