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How an MIT Professor Beat the Casino and Coped With Debts


Sometimes life gives us challenging trials, which can lead to definite success if we try. Like in the story about Edward Oakley Thorp, a mathematics professor from MIT. He is mired in debt to the mafia, and it would seem that he has found himself trapped.

But he decides to use his mathematical knowledge and skill to beat the casinos of the USA and Canada, particularly in Ontario and Quebec, from 1959 to 1961 years. After all, he sets a goal to beat a casino one day.

To achieve this, he recruits a couple of his best students, and together they apply card counting schemes at various casinos. As a result, they break several banks, thereby helping to solve a lot of problems for the professor, including his concerns about the mafia. Moreover, afterwards, Thorp writes a book called Beat the Dealer,” where he explains how to win at blackjack by using mathematical algorithms.

As many might know, his story become the basis of the plot in The Last Casino movie, released in 2004.

Note: they were not geniuses and did not have special luck. They just understood the basic principles of how to play online casinos for real money and win.

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So, the professor proves two things: it is real to win at the casino; it’s just enough to know a few basic principles. And second — any problem can be solved; you just need use logic and to be smart.

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