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How Can An Employer Protect Their Business From Reckless Workers


In most cases, the employer will be held liable for the wayward conduct of their employees. Employers are often viewed as custodians and responsible for the behaviour of their workers. Therefore, if you are an employer you should take the necessary measures to maintain a good image of your company. Keep on reading to discover how an employer can protect their business from reckless workers.

Enforce Policies Prohibiting Harassment

Workplace harassment is increasingly becoming problematic, and it is a source of liability for many businesses. Workplace harassment can also involve  clients, and it is a violation of federal law. Any form of discrimination based on elements like race, gender, colour, disability, nationality, or age can cause lawsuits against the company. To prevent harassment liability, you should create and enforce policies that prohibit the behaviour. Every worker should get a copy of the policy.    

Get Appropriate Insurance

Errors are inevitable in different companies and they are often caused by the recklessness of the workers. A client can sue a professional if they are not happy about the service they get. To protect your company from the legal fees that may arise from the lawsuit, you should get a small business professional liability insurance policy to support you should you face a lawsuit. This policy is designed to protect your organization against potential allegations that can include malpractice, negligence, or recklessness. 

Provide Training and Development

Training and development can go a long way in promoting safety among the employees in the workplace. Ensure you provide safety guidelines, and that each employee understands what is expected of him/her. Hands-on training is effective when coaching the employees on the different things they should know about maintaining a safe work environment. You can also utilize interactive technology like mobile content, videos, and apps to provide information that can help the workers master various safety issues in their organizations. 

An employer should promote free engagement among all the members of the organization so they can share ideas that can influence their behaviour. More importantly, each company must have a clear safety policy that should guide the operations of each employee.  

Investigate all Cases Reported 

If there is a reported case of negligence or recklessness by any employee or group of workers, make sure you conduct thorough and impartial internal investigations to get to the bottom of the issue. Try to understand the cause of the problem and take corrective action to prevent it from recurring. When solving problems, you should be impartial and avoid showing favoritism. Biased decisions can lead to additional conflict which can impact the behaviour of the employees. To protect your business, you should be exemplary.   

Enforce Rules

In every organization, there should be rules and regulations that all workers must abide by. To avoid  vicarious liability, you should make it clear that some offences that tarnish the image of the company can be punishable by law. For instance, if an employee decides to use a company vehicle for personal fun and damages it, they will be held liable for all the repairs.  When the employees are made to understand the consequences of certain actions, they will desist from the practice. 

Wayward behaviour in the organization can lead to claims of negligence which can negatively impact the organization. If you are an employer, there are various measures you can take to protect the interests of your company. These tips can give you insight into some of the steps you can consider implementing in order to control the conduct of your employees and protect yourself from liability.

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