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How can you stream Peacock TV on Firestick in Canada?


Peacock TV is one of the most popular video-on-demand streaming platforms globally, especially Canada. It is owned and operated by NBC Universal, a subsidiary of Comcast. If you look closely at the NBC logo, you will understand where the name “Peacock” came from.

The streaming service was launched in July 2020 and offered various TV shows, movies, and other forms of content owned by NBC Universal Studios. The streaming service also houses digital media content from various third-party content providers.

You can watch advertisements-free content by paying additional subscription charges, but it also has advertisement-supported content, but it is very limited in quantity.

The streaming service has about 54 million subscribers and is available on Sky and Now platforms in the United Kingdom and Ireland from November 16, 2021.

But like many other American-based streaming services, Peacock is also geographically restricted in Canada and many other countries globally. Now, we understand that Canadian readers must be asking themselves: is Peacock TV available in Canada?

Well, the answer to that question is yes. However, there’s a condition attached to it. Canadian viewers can easily access Peacock TV in Canada, but for that, they’d have to use a virtual private network.

Using a virtual private network, they can simply swap their original Canadian IP address and location with a United States IP address and location.

By doing this, they can easily fool Peacock into thinking that they are residing in the United States, and the streaming platform will immediately let them watch their favourite TV shows and movies.

Peacock is available on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and streaming devices such as PlayStation, Samsung smart TVs, Android TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV, and even Firestick.

But, if you aren’t a tech-loving Canadian, then setting up Peacock on Firestick devices can be a little bit tricky. Fret not. This is exactly what this article addresses. Here are the steps for streaming Peacock TV on Firestick devices in Canada.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Watch Peacock TV on Firestick in Canada

There are many apps you can use and here’s a list of some of the best firestick apps, including one specifically for Peacock TV.

Here’s how you can install the Peacock TV application on your Firestick device in Canada:

  1. Power on your Firestick device and wait for it to open up and display the Firestick Home Page completely.
  2. Select the Setting Icon from the top right corner of your Home Page. It is just like a grey gear sign.
  3. Select the My Fire TV option.
  4. From the presented option, select Developers Option.
  5. Again from the presented option, select Apps from unknown sources.
  6. You will be prompted to select Yes or No, select Yes from the two options.
  7. Now come back to the Home Page.
  8. Locate the Find option and select it.
  9. Click on the Search option.
  10. Type Downloader and select it from the automated search list.
  11. Bring your cursor on the Downloader icon.
  12. Select the Download option and wait for the application to finish downloading.
  13. Launch the downloaded application by pressing the Open button and selecting the Allow option.
  14. On the Homepage of the Downloader application, enter this URL bit.ly/peacock-firetv and click Go.
  15. The download process will automatically start.
  16. Click on the Install option to install the application.

But just simply downloading and installing the Peacock application on the Firestick device isn’t enough. Here are the steps for using the Peacock application on Firestick.

  1. Press and hold the Home button on your Firestick for a few seconds.
  2. You will see the Apps, Sleep, Mirroring, and Settings options.
  3. Select Apps.
  4. You will see all the installed applications on your Firestick.
  5. Select the Peacock application from the list, and the application will be launched.

You have successfully downloaded and installed the Peacock application on Firestick in Canada. But, to view the Peacock geographically restricted content, you’ll have to acquire a United States IP address and location.

How to stream Peacock TV on Firestick in Canada using a VPN?

  1. Subscribe to a virtual private network that is reliable for consistent unblocking and streaming.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your Firestick device. (Most of the top-tier VPN providers offer Firestick/Fire TV applications)
  3. Launch the VPN application and log in with your VPN account credentials.
  4. Locate and connect to a United States VPN server.
  5. After the connection has been established, launch the Peacock TV application.
  6. You should now be able to watch Peacock TV content in Canada.

Final Thoughts

There you go, that’s how you can watch Peacock TV on a Firestick device in Canada and from anywhere in the world.

With the power of a virtual private network, you can easily bypass any form of internet censorship, including the territorial restrictions on streaming services, platforms, and other media websites.

But, in case you are unable to stream Peacock TV on Firestick even with the virtual private network connection enabled, then make sure the Firestick device’s location service feature is completely disabled.

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