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How much data do you really need for your smartphone?


Smartphone – Smartphones can get expensive. If you (or your kids) are spending way too much on their smartphone using your cellphone plan or data  causing overage charges, you may be using more data than you realize. To help you figure out what’s eating into your budget, check out what your gigs can get you:

Smartphone usage:


– If you use all your data for video viewing, you can get up to one hour of HD Netflix streaming.
– Swap out video for audio and listen to about 14 hours of Spotify songs before maxing out your data allowance.
– Browsing alone can last approximately 20 hours, or you can send and receive around 1.5 million WhatsApp messages.


– You can squeeze in more than five hours of HD Netflix streaming.
– If you like to video chat with friends and loved ones, you’ll max out your data after around 25 hours.
– Take road trips comfortably — you can get about 1,000 hours on navigation apps.
– Audio streaming can get you 70 hours of your favourite tunes.


– Enjoy about 10 hours of HD Netflix streaming.
– Listen to music at the office all day, every day with up to 140 hours of worry-free audio streaming.
– Video calls are easier than ever, taking approximately 50 hours to work through all your data.
– Take as many road trips as you want — you’ve got around 2,000 navigation hours. Just make sure you don’t forget your charger.
The good news is that there are plans that can get you everything you need without breaking the bank! It’s time for worry-free streaming. Check out Freedom Mobile for big LTE data plans with a budget-friendly price.

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