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How much do movers cost in Calgary


Shifting a house is always a hassle. When facing the same problem in Calgary, it is the best option to hire Calgary Movers for expert moving services. They are the best with moving service near you. It would help if you have a lot of things to do when you are shifting home or office. It includes packing, preparation and shifting. Also, all tasks should be done carefully where nothing is broken or makes losses.

Today, we will try to find out the best options near us and the cost engaged in each task. It will help you to understand the budget for your move. So, come on.

Which factors majorly affect the moving cost?

Moving cost depends on several issues. The house size and number of movers are essential here. You can use their online calculators to see the price or make them a call.

You need to determine the right moving company to handle your move. Here, the price of the moving service will also depend on the distance of your move. It is why you need to know the moving distance and distance from one place to another.

Moving tasks have some seasonal issues. Starting and End of the month are very much occupied, so try to shift to the middle of the month. The cost will be lower.

If you take some extra service, you have to pay more. Services like taking boxes, extra distance, stairs, and other things will add additional costs. So, we have to keep those things in mind.

The tip is a typical cost for movers, they will give you excellent service, and you have to have the mentality to pay some tips. So, also add some extra budget for tipping.

 Average price list for Movers in Calgary

Home SizeNumber of Movers * EstimatedDurationHourly ChargeTips @ $25 per moverAverage Cost
1–2-bed apt (500-1200 sq. ft.)  2 persons3 hours (+ 1h travel charge)  $150 – $175$50$600 – $750
2–3-bed house (1100-1600 sq. ft.)  3 persons3-4 hours   (+ 1h travel charge)$150 – $175$75$800 – $950
3–4-bed house (1500-2200 sq. ft.)  3-4 persons4-5 hours (+ 1h travel charge)  $150 – $175$88$950 – $1100
4 bed house (2000-3000 sq. ft.)  4 persons5-6 hours (+ 1h travel charge)  $150 – $175$100$1100 – $1300

There are a few things we have to notice:

  • The price has been estimated as an average for a few companies. It may vary.
  • There are a lot of other issues that will increase and decrease the moving cost.
  • The cost is for the highest 100 km range
  • Price does not include taxes

Does Home size make a difference?

Moving larger houses is time worthy and costly. Movers need more people and time to do the task. For example, moving a 500 sqft home and another 3000 sqft home costs is not the same. It will cost more.

Packing and moving is a tiring task. You have to pack all your belongings, wrap them, load them, unload them, and do it again. When you change your house, you have to do these things repeatedly. You have to have a plan with the movers, and they will make the task easy for you.

Some factors are very crucial that will cost you much at home moving:

  • Movers will charge extra for Narrow Corridors
  • There will be a cost for using Elevators & stairs
  • If they have to carry boxes and furniture a long way, it will also add cost
  • Each extra task will add a price to movers.

We are unaware of the benefits of moving house. So, it’s better to choose a professional and reliable moving company to move our home.

How does the number of Movers affect the cost?

Moving cost mainly depends on Movers. If you need 2 movers, your cost will be around $600-$700 for shifting, but the cost will be double if you need 4 movers. Here the movers calculate the price based on the size of the house and how many movers you need. When the home is more significant, usually, you need 3-4 movers.

You can pack the things in boxes or any other available packing material. But movers know how to do it professionally, and they will manage it well. They are trained and care for things.

There is another costing feature, where movers will set the cost for your house size, and the price will be per cubic feet. All of them use online calculators to charge the fee.

What is the right season for Moving?

There is the season for home shifting. It is high time in summer, and the moving companies charge extra. Everybody wants to shift this season, so you have to pay some extra money here. Just pick the right company and get your job done.

It is not the right time to shift in winter, but you can get movers at a low cost. In winter, the prices are low as there are no moving orders. So, if you are thinking of shifting, you should choose the right moving company at the right time. You can get the moving company quotes from different moving companies and finalize one.

Moving home in summer will cost around 25% higher than other times. Here you have to struggle to book a mover in summer. They are mostly occupied.

You should know the weather in your area in summer. If the weather is not friendly, you will have to suffer while moving. It will not be easy to move your home comfortably. The moving process will be complicated. You will have to wait for the weather to improve. So, use the seasonal data to save some money here.

How does the distance add the cost of moving?

Home movers have general pricing for local shifting within 100 km. If the distance is higher, the cost will increase. So, when you hire a mover, discuss the location and length of moving. It will help them set a budget based on the requirements and date. Generally, per mover cost is from $170 to $200. Now you know how to set the price.

Get a quote from different movers based on your distance. You can collect quotes from other movers, and based on them; you can compare the price of different movers. The best mover will have the best selection, and you can select one after comparing.

A fixed budget in mind will help you narrow down the search for movers. You can compare the prices that suit you and then move to the most affordable one.

It is recommended that you find a mover recommended by your friends or relatives. They have experienced a good moving company. And, they can suggest a good one. You can also consult your friends or relatives about a moving company they have experienced.

Extra Cost for Moving

Several issues increase the moving cost. Now we will discuss them. If we can cut these off, then the price will be less, but if we take any of these, there will be an additional cost we have to pay. When we use temporary storage of big furniture before moving, it costs extra money. Accordingly, permanent storage is not a solution as you need to move your things today or tomorrow.

It will cost much more to clean up the furniture than the extra money we spend on temporary storage. Also, temporary storage costs us much.

Packing and unpacking also have some extra costs. It is an additional task, as it takes spare time and effort. Generally, a packer and unpacker can help you. It will be more convenient and save time. If that is not suitable, you can pay the movers to do the job at extra cost.

Moving Supplies, boxes and other accessories will add some extra cost. Per room, it will cost around $150. So, you can calculate accordingly based on your apartment size. When you need more supplies, you have to pay more. So, keep an eye on the supplies used for your packing. These will give you some extra money.

Moving a particular item like more significant items and with special care, movers will charge you some extra bucks. It will be done as per the size of the items and what kind of special care it requires. So, you can discuss with the movers about the expense here.

Final Summary

As we discussed the moving cost in Calgary, we have picked every issue that will cost you while shifting home. With this clear idea, you can prepare and get a budget for the task. You can use their online calculator to get an auto quote for movers. Or, in some cases, you can make a call and give details to get the price from them. I hope all this information in this article will help you a lot.

Contact Details:

Website: https://calgarymoverspro.ca

Email: info.calgarymoverspro@gmail.com

Phone Number: +1 (587) 741-9000

Company Address: 330 5th Avenue SW Calgary, Suite 1800, Calgary, AB T2P 0L4

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