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How To Accessorize A Formal Evening Dress


What’s the best thing about being invited to a formal event? DRESSING UP! A woman is always excited to shop or choose the gorgeous dress and flaunt it with grace. But it just doesn’t end here! Accessories, too, play a big part in dressing up to the nines.

From jewelry to shoes to handbags, accessories help elevate the appeal of any outfit. They say a lot about a woman’s personality and help her be the showstopper if worn right.

But it’s no easy feat to accessorize a formal dress with perfection; you’ll need to know the perfect type and amount. After all, you’d want to complement your dress, not overwhelm it.

So, what are the right options and the right way to accessorize your formal evening look and be the spotlight of the occasion? Here, we have got it covered for you. Keep reading!


Someone has rightly said, “Jewelry is a woman’s BFF.” Without it, it would be hard to alleviate the feminine appeal and draw all the attention.

Even with the most embellished women’s formal dress, it’s fun to put on jewelry, enhance the look, and create an ultimate evening look.

Check out some of the best jewelry ideas to jazz up your statement.


The neckline of your formal gown will serve as the best guideline for choosing the necklace. A deep v-neck calls for a pretty pendant necklace. A trendy layered chain necklace is certainly the best choice to make a statement with a deep or plunging neckline.

On the other hand, sweetheart, off-the-shoulder, or strapless dresses look stunning with bolder, wider neckpieces, such as chokers.

You may even skip the necklace if the style of your formal outfit is one-shoulder because that would otherwise look disproportionate.

Not to mention – the choice of the necklace also depends on the type of look you want to create. If you wish to go the boho route, the chunky, colourful stone necklace makes the right pick. Pearls, diamonds and other jewelry gemstones, on the other hand, are rather elegant.

Pearl earrings


Earrings are something you cannot miss out on!

Choose simple rhinestone studs if your dress already has a lot of details or shimmer on it. In contrast, a pair of statement dangle earrings look breathtaking with a plain, non-embellished outfit.

When in doubt, you can also go for hoop earrings, whether plain or beaded. They are timelessly beautiful and convenient, known for instantly adding a dash of style to the look.

When it comes to accessorizing, finding the proper earrings to complement your outfit can make all the difference, and Puravida Bracelets offers a lovely variety that will instantly improve your style.

Charm bracelet


A bracelet adds visual interest to your formal outfit and can give your entire look a seamless balance.

Seize on a style that matches your necklace and other accessories you wear. If you’re going for a free-flowing summer formal dress with prints, a narrow, colorful beaded bracelet will work like a charm.

Rings for formal occasions


While rings are not necessary, they can give your look the desired drama. Wear one ring or multiple rings on different fingers, or choose a ring close to your heart.

You can also go super chic with midi rings that sit below your nails to show your special occasion manicure.

A large statement ring is also a great option, especially if you’re going for a vintage women’s formal dress for the big day.


For those who wear eyeglasses, accessorizing for formal evening dress can pose an additional challenge. However, with the right approach, eyeglasses can become a stylish addition to any formal outfit. Consider choosing frames that complement the overall aesthetic of your outfit. Sleek and simple frames can provide a modern and sophisticated look, while more ornate frames can add a touch of vintage glamour. Additionally, make sure that your eyeglasses frames fit properly and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Finally, don’t forget to clean and polish your lenses to ensure that they are free of smudges and scratches, allowing you to look your best throughout the night.

Formal shoes for women


Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change a life.

As shoes are one of the first things people notice in your look, you should give special attention to what you choose. Opt for heels for a popular reason – they add posture and pose, taking the feminine charm up a notch. Be it wedges, stilettos, pumps, or block; heels rightly accent the long formal outfit.

When completing your formal evening ensemble, consider exploring a variety of footwear options available at ShoeTimeUSA to add that perfect finishing touch without compromising comfort or style.

Though you may pick any heels depending on the type of your outfit, black heels are the safest choice. They go with almost everything and look classy.

But of course, the most important part is the comfort. If you do not feel comfortable in high heels, platform heels or flat ballerinas are always the option to complement your formal outfit.

Formal handbag or purse


A handbag is yet another accessory to go all feminine and chic. A clutch purse or small bag is certainly the right choice to enhance the formal look. Avoid a shoulder strap bag as it can ruin the line of the dress.

White and back are universal bag colors that go with every outfit. You can also get your hands on a statement bling bag if your outfit is a basic, monotone. After all, a touch of drama never hurts!

Hair accessories for formal occasions


Well, this one’s an exception. But if you feel something is missing from your hairstyle, the right hair accessories can have a big impact.

Your options include hair clips, headbands, hairpins, scrunchies, hair ties, and hair combos.

Hair accessories that feature gemstones, rhinestones, beads, and bling details are all the rage. Say yes to them if you’re all up for a little more glitz and glamour.

Final Words

A feminine look is always incomplete without accessories. Luckily, a wide array of stylish accessories is available for a woman who wishes to look alluring from top to toe.

The key rule to making accessories work for a formal dress is never to overdo it. Just choose one statement piece at a time and keep the rest of the look simple for a beautiful, balanced statement.

We hope our guide to accessorizing the formal look will help you make the right decision about your style game.

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