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How to Determine Whether Your Product Requires AI


Today, companies strive to use innovative technologies to gain a competitive advantage. One such technology that many businesses are adopting is artificial intelligence. Businesses understand that this technology is applicable in all industries and can provide them with many benefits.

Undoubtedly, businesses receive many benefits. These include analyzing and predicting customer behavior, reducing costs, improving productivity, efficiently analyzing big data, reducing human error, and much more.

According to the IBM Global AI Adoption Index, 35 percent of companies worldwide are successfully leveraging the power of artificial intelligence today. Over forty-two percent of companies are exploring the features of this technology.

The percentage of companies using artificial intelligence is growing every year since specialists discover new use cases that help companies gain a competitive advantage. If you decide to implement this technology only because of the hype, then you can lose more than you gain. Thus, the decision to adopt AI into business products should be balanced and deliberate.

Here’s what you need to think about before you decide to incorporate technology into your products.

Will AI help solve pressing problems?

You need to think about what problems your business is facing. Thoughtlessly implementing technology without understanding what benefits it can bring can be a big waste of money.

Your best bet is to talk to your specialists and decide if you should do it. If your company does not have competent specialists, then you can turn to third-party specialists who can give you an unbiased assessment.

If you decide to implement artificial intelligence in your business processes, then you need to look for a development company that will meet all your needs and will help to implement the technology so that it solves existing problems.

Is it reasonable to introduce technology into the current projects?

According to the IBM report, forty-four percent of businesses today are working on incorporating technology into ongoing projects. Again, you need to consider whether artificial intelligence can simplify tasks for your team that is working on the current project.

If you evaluate all the pros and cons and decide to adopt the technology, then you should not lose sight of the artificial intelligence UI/UX design of the product. A well-thought-out design will help you instantly get rid of a lot of pain points.

Not always the decision to introduce technology into the current project is beneficial for the company. If your people are not trained and have no knowledge of how to work with this innovative solution, then you will only make things harder for everyone.

You will have to increase the deadline for completing the projects. This, in turn, will incur additional costs. After evaluating all the pros and cons, you can consider leaving current projects unchanged. You can take your time to carefully prepare for the implementation of the technology in your future projects.

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