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How to exploit online casino bonuses?


If you are new to online casino play, chances are you have many questions. You can see that there are bonuses for almost every action needed, so the first questions that come to mind are “What’s the deal? How do I get and use these?” Here are some clarifications on these questions for your best experience on betheat.com.

What bonuses can I get?

Depending on where you are in the game, there are two types- for new players and for already existing players. Here are those for new players:

  1. No deposits

This is the sweetest one for new players. Simply put, this is just a free trial for usage. You can easily recognize them as labels like “Sign up and get a bonus.” It might be a ten-dollar bonus or bigger. Some companies offer a bonus of up to a hundred dollars.

These are real offers just because you are playing with money that you did not put into a deposit but you earned as a bonus. This makes the game even more fun as you lose nothing.

  1. No-Risk deposits

These are a sale as well. You can recognize these through labels such as “Deposit money and get no loss for a week.” This really seems like magic to most first-time users. However, there is no catch here. You can deposit some amount of money and play for the set time slot. If you manage to win some money, then, cool – they are yours only. If you lose money, that is cool as well because any losses will be covered by the casino and practically refunded to your pocket.

This offer is a real game-changer as it leaves you to play for quite some time without any risk. Whatever you lose, you shall get back and if you win something, you can still play it around to win even more.

  1. Matching deposit bonus

This type of bonus requires an initial deposit as well. If the matching bonus is 50% or 200% and you deposit 100 dollars, you get to use 150 dollars or 300 dollars as a start. This seems to be a trap for new players, but in reality, this is a very popular type of compliment for newbies.

Just like the two previous types, this is a fantastic offer. You can invest such little money to earn times and times more. And the best thing is that when you play, you rock around with more money without really investing it.

Bonuses are not only for the newbies but for the existing and more experienced players as well:

  1. Reload

This is pretty simple. This type of bonus works just like the matching one for beginners. It depends on some wagering requirement whether it is that you have to bet a few more times or even more than ten times. These bonuses usually come available once a month or a week.

  1. Refund for loss

This one is very similar to the backup variety for beginners. These offers can come with labels such as “lose X, get 50% back”, for example. The refund can be somewhere between 10 and 100%.

  1. Loyalty cards

These are very common bonuses. Most casinos have loyalty cards or VIP club cards. These usually reward you the amount you bet when you lose some money, so you are not really losing just playing. These cards may be useful for cashback or systematic matching bonuses.

How to exploit your bonuses?

What is very specific about online casinos is that most people use them for gambling. However, this usually leads to massive losses. To avoid this, stop gambling and use some mathematics.

On the other hand, if you know nothing about math, you can still try your luck! With all the bonuses available online on casino websites, it is so much easier to be adventurous and try new stuff. Chances are you get more money than you can lose!

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