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How To Get An Edge In Online Sports Betting


Sports betting is not as much about the gamble, as it is about the thrill and joy of seeing one’s predictions come true in real-time. It’s not easy, though, and you can’t win them all. However, unlike games of luck, it is possible to get an edge in online sports betting. Luck is a secondary factor in sports betting, as one’s knowledge source of information, understanding of the game, understanding of the odds system, etc. play much more important roles in determining the chances of winning a sports bet. With that in mind, let’s focus on a few key points that will help you in getting that edge in sports betting online.

Cut Out the Cheats

There are online bookmaker sites that demand unfair percentage cuts, while others are downright scams. According to bookies at Comeon Canada, all online sportsbooks operating in Canada must possess a registered and valid license from a well-recognised gambling commission such as the MGA, UKGC, or the KGC for example. If you bet at a sportsbook site that does not meet the minimum requirements, your bets and winnings will not be considered legal.

In other words, even if you win all your sports bets, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings to a Canadian bank account legally. The site will remain unaffected as it is outside the Canadian jurisdiction, but you will lose your money all the same. Take our advice and only place your bets at registered and licensed Canadian bookmaker websites to cut out the cheats.

Understand the Format and the System

It does not matter how well you understand baseball if you don’t know how the betting format, aka odds system, works for that particular sport in your country. There are very few things that are universal about the odds system, as it differs a lot from sport to sport. So, learn how exactly the odds work in Canada for the sport you are in the mood for betting on, and how to read them effectively. Since we mentioned baseball, check out this detailed guide on how to read baseball odds and give yourself that much-needed edge.

Create and Stay in Your Comfort Zone

While it’s all about going beyond your comfort zone these days, sports betting does not exactly work that way. To properly predict outcomes, one must:

  • Understand all rules of the sport in question.
  • Have sufficient experience in watching similar events before.
  • Have a sound knowledge regarding the game’s past and current ongoings.
  • Have sound information about the teams/athletes/participants and their interactions with each other in the recent past.

These are some of the minimum requirements for being good at sports betting, and one simply cannot meet them unless they have been well invested in the sport for years. Therefore, staying in your comfort zone and betting on sports and events that make the most sense to you is the right way to go about it.

This is not to say that you should not try to get into another sport besides the ones you are already interested in. Since we are talking about real money bets, you should still take your time and get to know everything we just discussed, before putting any serious money on the line.

Logic Over Emotion

Never let your emotions interfere with your decision-making while placing bets. If you think that your favourite team is going to lose, do not make the mistake of “supporting” your team by placing a bet in their favour! Keep your support reserved to cheering them on and refrain from betting on such matches altogether. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned veteran of the sports betting game, you should always bet your money on outcomes that feel the most logical and likely according to your own calculations, irrespective of who the players/teams/fighters/horses, etc. might be.

As the last piece of advice, it is highly suggested that you keep a track of your transactions (deposits, winnings, losses, etc.) without trying to make up for money lost. Stick to your budget, do your best to place the best bets, note it all down, and accept the outcome. Once you are done with that event, repeat the process next time, without letting any previous losses affect your decisions. A gamble is always uncertain and while we can most certainly win big with the right bets, we must also accept that chasing losses is what leads to addiction.

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