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How To Prepare for Power Outage


Power outages can be annoying. They hit you during unexpected times. Things like massive storms and earthquakes can cause power outages. As a homeowner, it’s important to prepare yourself for these unpredictable events. Here are tips and tricks for preparing for power outages.

Emergency Contacts

Make a list of important contact lists. Get contacts of utility companies like Utility Bidder. Your emergency contacts list must include your loved ones, emergency service providers like hospitals, animal control departments, ambulances, hospitals, power companies, and fire extinguishers. Having a list of these numbers allows you to call them in case of an emergency.

Emergency Kit

The blackout can cause darkness making everybody scared. Thus prepare early to avoid scrambling for the basic suppliers. Have easy access to emergency kits. The kit should have all the essential items, including a first aid kit, canned food, batteries, a local map, and a flashlight. You should also have hand-crank radio, trash bags, and water.

Home Generator

Get a new generator. Unless it is a solar generator, you will need to stock it with fuel. Whether solar or gas, also make sure you learn how to operate the generator. An electrical generator can provide reliable electricity in case the main grid goes down.

You can purchase either a portable or standby generator. Portable generators must be manually activated. On the other hand, standby generators are auto-started as soon as there are power outages. It depends on your personal preferences and budget.


Power outages can leave your home with limited foodstuffs. This is because the fridge depends on electricity. Thus, go to the grocery store and get food. Get shelf-stable foods like crackers, peanut butter, pasta, and dried fruit. You can also stock canned foods.


Home illumination is an important aspect when comes to power outages. You should have adequate plans for it. Flashlights can perfectly illuminate your compound. You can also bring in candles. However, be worried about the dangers of candles. As a homeowner, have flashlights, headlamps, and LED-powered lanterns to help you during power outages.

Call The Utility Company

Get in touch with your utility company. They will give you protocols to follow in case of power loss in your home. Ask them how they plan to restore back the power. Do they have an instant messaging service to alert customers?

Weather Radio

Storms can cause power outages. In this case, you should have the means to know the magnitude of the storm and how long it will take to restore back the electricity. That’s where weather radios come in. These devices are reliable during these times, so having them is extremely important.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let power outages interfere with your life. Putting simple measures in place will save you. The above are key tips for preparing for power outages in your home or office.

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