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How to spend a student weekend in Canada


Canada is a widely popular destination for young people. No wonder why. Being a Canadian student means studying in some of the best schools in the world. Many wish to move to Canada to study. Luckily, a lot of students do reach such a goal. However, life in Canada is not all about homework and classes, right? Young people have to have some fun too. What can be better than exploring the new foreign and exciting country they came to visit? Indeed, most international students can’t wait to see what this new country has to offer them. So let’s see how you can spend a lovely weekend in Canada. 

CN Tower

Most international students start their acquaintance with Canada from Toronto. If it is also true for you, do visit the CN Tower in the heart of the city. For a long time, the tower has been the tallest construction there. Although it is no longer the case anymore, its 553 meters height is still impressive, have no doubt. The view from the tower will leave you speechless. And when you are there, don’t forget to visit some of the restaurants on the top. They can also offer you a beautiful view and great cuisine. 

Leaving the Tower, you will probably already know where to go next, as you’ve seen it all now. However, do visit Lake Ontario nearby for a chill day on the beach. You may also see the Rogers Centre nearby. It’s one of the most interesting architectural structures in the whole country. Just like that, you can cross out all three main Toronto landmarks in one weekend. 

Banff National Park

All the nature geeks out there should not miss an opportunity to visit gorgeous Banff National Park. First of all, all hikers can pick themselves a nice trail based on their abilities and available time. The park can accommodate completely inexperienced hikers, don’t worry. Yet, it can also surprise even the most adventurous travelers. Its beauty, amazing landscape, and mountain views will make you fall in love with this place forever. Oh, and don’t let me start on the hot springs. Yes, there are hot springs that you can also enjoy while observing the wild nature around you. 

Top places for students to visit in Canada

Honestly, as a biology student, you will probably need an essay writer to describe to you the whole variety of species and plants you can stumble upon at the park. Though, even students of other specialties will surely enjoy a nice weekend far from the city life and noisy cities. Who, if not students, can truly appreciate a moment of peace in their lives? Overall, Banff National Park is definitely a place to spend a weekend when you live in Canada. You can even visit in different seasons to enjoy the variety of its appearances. 

Casa Loma

When you think of Canada, you probably don’t think of castles. Well, you should. Canada does have one! Casa Loma is one of the oldest buildings in the country and it is definitely one of the most impressive ones there. This neo-gothic building was built early in the 20th century by one of the first Canadian businessmen. He wanted to explore the touristic potential of Canada and especially its Niagara region. Well, it’s fair to say he had the right hunch. 

The castle is the largest house in the whole country. It has almost 100 bedrooms, a large botanic garden (open for visitors during the garden season) a stable, and so much more. The castle hosts various events and is open for excursions. It can take you at least a day to walk it through and through, so do plan your time ahead. 

Niagara Falls

I mean, can you really go to Canada and not see Niagara Falls? Of course not! That is not acceptable. So do see how you can get there. If you are a Toronto student, you can easily take a 3 hours bus from the city that will take you directly to the destination. Even this bus ride will be a nice addition to the weekend with all the beautiful views it can offer. Overall, seeing Niagara falls is one of those bucket list destinations that everyone should have on their life plan. 

However, don’t just spend time on the falls and sprint back home. Take a long weekend and explore the region as well. It’s not just one of the most majestic areas of Canada but it also has a lot to see there. Clifton Hill, for example, offers lots of various touristic activities for young people. You can go to several museums, explore haunted houses, and take a ride on a SkyWheel. You can even take a tour around the beautiful vineyards of the region and take some cider-making classes if you are interested. 

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