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Human brain reacts positively to gambling – and here’s why


Curiously enough, but the very nature of gambling was originally inherent in a person as a highly organized being. Turning to the anthropogenic period, one can recall that primitive people, first of all, hunted in order to survive. Hunting is the same passion. The result of the hunt was no less satisfying. The hunter’s prey clearly raised the hunter’s rating and self-esteem. Of course, primitive people did not know all this. It was only on a subconscious level, but nevertheless, the beginning of excitement, as a feeling, can be looked for precisely at the very beginning of human beings evolution.

Awards physiology

The constant need for praise, recognition, reward is inherent in every mentally healthy person. This, after all, is the main motive for human actions. Scientists call the next portion of encouragement or reward dopamine.

This is a chemical substance, from the entry of which into the body a person experiences a certain joy, high spirits and even ecstasy.

The reward gives a person inner satisfaction and even pleasure. And people want to experience this pleasure more and more often. You can’t argue with it!

Gambling attractiveness

A person gambles and wins, getting the coveted portion of dopamine. Winning the game causes a surge of violent positive emotions, so the player often experiences his loss as an accident, for which luck and success will come again.

Quite a lot of players today place bets in an online casino, for example, Superboss casino. It is always interesting to watch those who win big.

It may seem to you that the main positive emotions a player experiences from winning gambling games. But this is far from the case. Practice suggests that more than once the loser, nevertheless, remains in the casino and will continue the game. For what? It’s very simple. To experience indescribably bright emotions in anticipation of winning. In this case, the player feels an extraordinary interest in both the game process and the result equally.

Motivation as an incentive to play

As confirmed by numerous surveys, the main motive that motivates a person to turn to gambling is “the desire to win big”.

But there are also related reasons. Some players note the fascination of the games, the artistic appeal (mostly, the machines are made in red, exciting color), the entertaining nature, exciting sound and music. Even the loss of money does not change the attitude to the game. A person turns to gambling again and again, probably content with a small win and a small loss.

There is another interesting theory. The less a player expects to win, the more joy and euphoria he feels from a sudden win, the so-called “boundless joy”.

What about folk signs?

  •  Life is like a zebra: black is followed by a white stripe
  • Happened once, happened twice
  • Everything goes by, this too shall pass
  • It’s never the same twice.

People know what they are saying. Proven by time and by life itself.

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