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Is it worth doing an online MBA?


MBA done online can be useful, i.e. have good ROI. However, for optimum output, it has to be chosen carefully based on the following criteria.

If you want to shift to Financial Analysis henceforth, choosing a management degree in Leadership Management will not help, but pursuing an MBA dual degree online might be an option to consider.

What is the correct age group for pursuing an online MBA?

First of all, let’s get one thing straight and clear. Regular MBA, admitted after undergoing tough entrance exams, and done from a prestigious institute, will always be leagues ahead of online MBA.

Online MBA is used for refining your mid-career while regular MBA is the basic building block of your career at the start.

Online MBAs are meant for mid-level executives who are aiming higher in their jobs, and MBA gives the required qualification weightage and respectability for that.

Best age for online MBA is from the mid-thirties to the upper echelons of forty.

Doing an MBA after forty-five would not help you much, as the management would not like a manager in the top with the required qualification acquired recently.

Doing it in the late twenties will also hurt, as you are unlikely to have acquired the on-site job experience needed along with this course.

Best age for doing an online MBA is after completing four to five years of job in that domain, and when you are sensing an opening in the upper managerial hierarchy.

Plan the niche in which you want to do the MBA

Your MBA is worth doing when you plan it carefully.

Be sure of the domain you want to do your course in. The study will be worthwhile only if the niche that you have chosen is the same as the higher managerial openings in your company. You should have sufficient expertise, hands-on experience and interest in the management subject that you choose.

If you want to shift to Financial Analysis henceforth, choosing a management degree in Leadership Management will not help.

Is your online management course in hotlist of your company too?

Renowned Indian private banks like ICICI, HDFC Bank and IT mid-level companies like TCS, Hexaware, Patni, etc. sometimes choose the online MBA courses themselves to upgrade their upper managerial staffs. Before recommending any online MBA, it is better to find the ones that renowned private companies are suggesting for their employee. Their due diligence for choosing such a course will be much more professional than you.

Is your online MBA course accredited?

Whether the online MBA you want to complete, is worth or not, hinges a lot on its accreditation.

AACSB (Association to Collegiate Schools of Business International) is a most sought course recognition. To obtain it, the faculty research standard has to be high. Faculty should have famous published research works.

ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs Standard) pay more attention to tangible course benefits. This accreditation is for the courses delivering more practical knowledge on the specialty chosen as elective.

Another highly respected recognition for management courses is AMBA ( The association of MBA). Only Respected business schools of Europe and America fulfilling its criteria, obtain this accreditation.

For online MBA courses in Canada, select courses that have the seal of approval from the Degree Quality Assessment Board (DQAB) or British Columbia Council.

British Columbia Council, Edu Canada are regional seals of approval for the Canadian MBAs. These are equally important for the courses in this country.

Last but not least, DETC (Distance Education and Trading Council) membership is also must for your fancied online MBA from Canada.

Is the online MBA entrance too easy?

Think before you join an online management course whose intake parameters are too liberal. Your prospective employer may not value it favorably. Your peers in this course would also not be at the levels you desire.

Respectable online MBA course requires you to have passed GMAT or GRE with reasonably good score. Else your GPA should be above 4.0. In case you have not appeared for GMAT or GRE, you need to pass a bridge or management Foundation score first.

Reputed online courses also require four to five years of work experience before joining the degree.

In short, beware of such course where entry is too easy. It may not be worth doing.

What is the result of your course?

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Check the prospective employers for your course. It is natural that “on course campus” alike regular MBAs would be absent. However reputed online management course may also have takers at the end. Try to find the students of pre-batches and where they stand professionally, after completing of course.

Is Canada a preferred destination for education?

Currently, compared to Russia, the UK, and European nations, Canada and the USA are preferred more for online and offline overseas education.


All these above, when properly followed while choosing the course, would make your online MBA degree a worthwhile one on completion.

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