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Jennifer Brodeur Skin Guru


Jennifer Brodeur – Jennifer Brodeur, also known as Jennifer Brodeur Skin Guru or JB Skin Guru, transforms her clients’ skin with natural remedies unlike anything else on the skin care market. Her skin care plans begin from within the body and include a lifestyle change—something she learned from an old family friend.

“I wanted to be a criminal lawyer,” she said. Around the age of fifteen, Jennifer Brodeur thought that she had already decided which path to take for the life she wanted. She would study at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. Her decision changed, however, when a family friend opened a discussion that seemed radical at the time. The friend taught Jennifer Brodeur how health, wellness, and skin care are closely linked. Skin care strategies can be a nutritional choice.

“The way she spoke of skin care was from wellness within,” Brodeur said. “At the time, no one spoke of skin that way.” Inspired, Brodeur chose to follow that path instead. After completing a bachelor degree in teaching, she spent the first seven years of her career teaching chemistry and biology within the field of skin care. Brodeur owned two skin care clinics, and began creating her own products in 2010.

Creating natural skin care solutions

Creating her own products seemed a natural next step to better serve her clients. “We wanted to have something in house to cater to the needs of our clients,” she said. Brodeur and her team were concerned with the ingredients going into many products. With clients dealing with damaged skin, or skin impaired from other health issues throughout their body, they wanted to create cleansers and scrubs to help.

When we think about skin care in terms of health, it makes sense to search for natural solutions. “Our skin is the largest organ on our body,” she said. “It’s natural, and it’s not designed to absorb synthetics.” We know that we should eat healthy foods for our body to be healthy. Our skin should be considered in the same way. The results from using natural skin care solutions are long lasting. It’s a nutritional healing versus a quick fix.

When JB Skin Guru first started practicing, most people were hesitant to trust holistic remedies. In recent years, however, people have become more accepting and understanding of the potential holistic skin care has. Whereas her team was limited in terms of ingredients in 2010, their options have expanded. More labs are willing to work with their clean, natural ingredients, and they can source their ingredients from sustainable farms.


Discovering Peoni

Her Peoni line of products has become especially popular. “With Peoni, it looks like we’ve grown 20 years,” she said. When creating new products, Brodeur looks for new, natural ingredients not on the market; ingredients that battle inflammation; and ingredients that will produce significant results. She found the idea for Peoni from a garden she explored while on vacation. There were no peonies in sight, but her mind quickly moved to the root extract and its beneficial qualities.

Peoni is designed and created for all skin types. To personalize the products, Brodeur prescribes different application methods, combinations, and regularity. There are no added perfumes, and she stays away from synthetic ingredients or harmful preservatives. Her L’extrait face oil, for example, is preserved with a combination of sunflower seed oil and vitamin E.

Jennifer Brodeur


Brodeur is especially proud of the L’extrait face oil of her Peoni line. “I love it so much because it is designed and created as a universal face oil. Anyone can use it,” she said. “I love getting emails from people saying that how much their skin has changed since using the oil. The texture of their skin, even the feeling of putting the oil on, and the natural smells.”

Her list of clients includes plenty of celebrities hoping to tap into the power JB Skin Guru and Peoni hold: the Obamas and Oprah among them. Clients fly to her Canadian headquarters, based in Montreal, for consultations and check-ins. Clients also work with her customer care team and online shopping option.

If you’re looking to transform your skin care regime to fit a healthy, natural lifestyle, JB Skin Guru is the expert to follow.

Learn more about JB Skin Guru and shop the Peoni products at www.jbskinguru.com

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