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Kitchen flooring trends 2022


The kitchen is an important room in your home. Apart from the living room, the kitchen is the next most used room in any home. Due to its importance, your kitchen should be functional and stylish. One of the ways to make your kitchen functional is to spruce it up with the best flooring tiles.

Flooring tile trends keep changing as new designs come into the market. Whether you want to renovate or construct a new kitchen, there are many tile choices available. Regardless, it is necessary to opt for the best trending tiles.

Large flagstone flooring

Flagstone flooring has been in use for centuries. Due to their resilience and beauty, flagstones have remained a popular choice for kitchen flooring. It’s easy to shape it into unique shapes and finish it in multiple ways. Homeowners may opt to polish, tumble, or brush the flagstone to create a beautiful effect.

The stone is hard to wear, which makes it perfect for high-traffic rooms like the kitchen. You can get different large flagstone shapes and shades from Zelta Flooring and Design services. By visiting https://zelta.ca/services/tile-installation/, you can connect with an experienced consultant to discuss with them your kitchen flooring tile needs. The flooring experts will help you bring your kitchen flooring ideas to life.

Bleached wood

Hardwood is an excellent kitchen flooring choice when you are looking for luxury. It gives your kitchen floor a soft effect and can be arranged in any shape you want. Wood experts mix the hardwood with special chemicals to give it a bleached effect. Wood is easy to install, and it gives you multiple advantages. If you want to update your kitchen floor after a few years, bleached wood is easy to update. It is treated with unique finishes making it water-resistant. The wood comes in different colours and can be shaped into any pattern.

Terrazzo flooring

If you are looking for a kitchen floor with a traditional finish, terrazzo can be your best choice. It offers you unlimited choices of colours and patterns. Terrazzo is a highly appealing kitchen flooring material that is easy to clean. It is a resilient material that does not absorb fluids or wear easily.

Dijon limestone

Limestone takes thousands of years to weather. It is a porous stone that is treated with chemicals to make it water-resistant. Compared to other limestone varieties, Dijon has a higher density which makes it hard to wear. It is a good choice for kitchens due to its beauty. It is available in gray, beige, and other minor tone variations. To get a colour that compliments your kitchen walls, consult with your floor installation company to know what choice they offer. There are plenty of latest trends and to choose the best, you need professional services.


Porcelain provides an outstanding beauty to your kitchen. It is a highly trending choice for kitchen flooring because they are dense, which makes it hard to break. Porcelain can last for many years without requiring replacement. They are available in a large variety of colors and shapes. When you are looking for an easy DIY kitchen floor tile, porcelain can be your best choice. It is resistant to wear and tear, which makes it a perfect choice for high-traffic kitchens.

Concrete tiles

If you don’t prefer wood flooring, concrete is a good choice. It will give your kitchen a vintage look, just like wood. Concrete tiles have many advantages. They do not absorb water or get stained easily. They are good for keeping your house warm, especially in winter. It is a hard-to-wear material that is resistant to bacteria and fire. Concrete kitchen floors are easy to clean. They retain their original colour for many years and will not scratch easily. (To know more about concrete tiles visit Bobs Flooring)

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles provide the widest range of choices for kitchen flooring. They have the widest choices of colors that meet the needs of every homeowner. Ceramic tiles can be shaped into any shape a client needs. They are easy to install, wash, or maintain. You will easily find ceramic tiles in almost any supplier store near you. They are highly affordable, which makes them a popular choice by most homeowners.

Final Thoughts

Your kitchen is an important room in your home. It is the room that is visited most in your home apart from the living room. You can make your kitchen look luxurious by installing the best flooring material. The market is full of trending choices, but you may want to consult with a flooring expert to make better decisions. Some of the best trends for 2022 are porcelain, concrete, limestone, large flagstone and bleached hardwood.

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