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Leading tech trends in Canada’s online gaming industry


With the online gaming industry cashing in on the progressive use of internet, Canada too has been taking advantage of trending technologies and highlighting the fact that their revolutionary technologies are the reason why their online gaming industry is thriving.

The future of Online Gaming in Canada

With the advent of mobile gaming technology, it has become easier for people to access online gaming. As of February 2020, nearly 23 million gamers have contributed to the growth of Online Gaming in the country and the number are only increasing.

Virtual Reality

Despite Virtual Reality still being in its nascent stage, Canada’s developing technology makes it one of the pioneers in the game. With the use of latest technologies that provide for better interactive and engaging experiences, the future of gaming and virtual reality casino experiences is quite bright. Virtual reality casinos have already incorporated features like 3D game tables, realistic slot machines, real club sounds, in-game chats and detailed game rooms. As more and more gamers purchase VR software, headsets and accessories, the more the VR market gaming market will develop and prosper.

Gaming & Gambling Applications

Online Gaming is flourishing and plays a vital role in the gaming industry. Microgaming sites and online gaming through varied apps have become the norm in Canada. Like most other countries in the changing world scenario, the online gaming industry facilitates the masses to make the most of their entertainment needs, games and sports while being on the move or earning some real money, without leaving their homes. Given its accessibility and affordable spends, the option of online gaming has been leading the entertainment sector. While this may not be something new, it has become quite a hit creating a demand for more gaming apps in the country.


Online streaming games are yet another significant support in the country’s online gaming industry. Similar to Las Vegas, where the Luxor Hotel has been rearranged as an e-sports arena, Canadians too are looking to sign up for e-gaming. This increasing demand multiples the options the users have to enjoy watching streaming games. This field too is work in progress however.


Being a leading enthusiast for cryptocurrency and bitcoin, the Canadian market is brimming with Crypto payments. For instance, here you can buy KFC eats with bitcoin or even pay off your house taxes with them! The use of Crypto in the gaming industry enables faster processing of payments and has proper security protocols in place for user details.


With cryptocurrencies serving as an option for payment in the online gaming sector, an E-wallet is the need of the hour. Even people who don’t opt for cryptocurrency choose the e-wallets to deposit and withdraw their money from online gaming clubs. The availability of an e-wallet helps a user create a safety net between his personal finances, financial information and the online sites, also protecting the user from cybercrime and hacking practices.

5-G Wireless Technology

5G wireless technology may beat the race to virtual reality in Canada by significantly building up on the offered internet speed levels which in turn will affect gaming on the move with reduced pings and fewer lags.

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