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Milesfit gym organizes charitable boot camp: all proceeds go to NDG Food Depot


Milesfit is a locally owned and run gym that hosts members of all types. Age and fitness level doesn’t matter at Milesfit, but all members are actively making a positive change in their lives. “We are not training Olympic athletes here,” said Dane Gilmore, General Manager of Milesfit. “We are training local cliental of all levels who are trying to become fitter, stronger versions of themselves.” Dane himself is a personal trainer and nutrition coach dedicated to his clients, and his community.

Dane and his employees at Milesfit hope to share their positivity with the community through their upcoming charity: a boot camp marathon day on Saturday, November 19th. The charity of honour is the NDG Food Depot.

milesfit“We have a couple of our members who sit on the board of the NDG Food Depot, so it’s always been on our mind to throw an event down the line,” said Gilmore. Milesfit has decided to step in for the upcoming holiday season. “They do a holiday food drive, where they go door-to-door collecting non-perishable food items. We were brainstorming, and we came up with the idea to do something outside of the box that has a fitness theme to it.” The upcoming boot camp was born.

“We will give all of the proceeds to the NDG Food Depot to help them support their holiday food drive.” When Milesfit says “all of the proceeds,” he means every single dollar paid to the boot camp will directly to the NDG Food Depot. “Nobody is taking a cent here,” said Gilmore. “Every dollar of every class goes straight to the charity.”

Now it’s time for the community to sign up for classes. Non-members of the gym are welcome. Classes will run from 9am to 5pm. Those participating can expect to choose from the entire day of classes. If demand increases, more will be added to the schedule. “There will be at least one class every hour, on the hour, all day long,” said Gilmore. That’s a whole lot of chances to help a local cause.

“We will have two different types of classes,” Gilmore explained. “We will have a beginner class that anybody can do, and a harder class that is similar to our normal classes.” The classes are all set up boot camp style, alternating between upper and lower body exercises. All of the exercises are arranged on a timed circuit.

Classes cost $25 each. The charity boot camp day will be held at Milesfit gym in Monkland Village of the NDG. Another way to participate, if multiple boot camp classes in a day are too much for you, are through their raffle draws. “We have some awesome prizes donated by some of our clients and our staff,” said Gilmore. Raffle tickets are already on sale at the gym.

How to participate:
(514) 487-3838
By: Jillian Clark – totimes.ca

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