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Why Mobile is the Future of the Global Gambling industry


Gambling activities can be traced back to the Paleolithic period and even before written history. It’s an activity that humans can simply take pleasure from and today, it remains to be popular. Modern gambling is now about being able to play at online casinos and this is how things are going to be for a while.

However, what’s becoming a popular trend in online casino gaming is the use of mobile devices like smartphones. Many gamblers today are showing more preferences on gambling sites that are mobile-friendly like Canadian Casino 24kCasino.com. Why wouldn’t they? People nowadays are always after on-demand services and this is no longer just applicable to television and streaming.

It’s undeniable that the mobile era is here now that the number of mobile users is higher than desktop users. Based on reports, 51 percent of internet users would go online with a mobile device and 49 percent would use a desktop. This year, it is estimated that there are over 7.1 billion mobile users worldwide and this number is expected to rise to 7.26 billion by the end of next year.

The Seismic Shift to Mobile Usage

Mobility plays a huge role in making the use of mobile devices popular. These days, smartphones are so powerful that it’s no longer exclusively used for communication. It’s a small device that anyone can carry with them anywhere and do numerous things on it. People don’t just use their smartphones to get in touch with friends or family. Other activities can be done with this single device like gaming, banking, and even working.

eMarketer has reported that mobile is expected to beat TV when it comes to screen time this year. This seems to have been the case since the pandemic broke. Many people resorted to gaming and people who play games on their mobile devices would spend an average of 6.5 hours a week.

The switch to the use of mobile or smartphones is applicable to many industries and in gambling, things are definitely the same. When checking the best Canadian Online casino list, you can easily tell that most of the operators ensure that their sites are mobile-friendly. Some of them have also released their native apps.

Indeed, many gambling companies have already shifted a lot of their focus to the mobile market. The potential is huge because of how big the online mobile user population is. Ensuring that their services are mobile-friendly enables them to reach billions of people around the world.

Why Are People Gambling with Their Phones?

A quick answer to this is because people get to gamble on demand. With a smartphone, they can place sports bets or even play a casino game anywhere and anytime. Convenience is what really plays a big role here. It’s just much simpler to log in on a gaming site with a handheld device or just open a gambling app than log in to a website.

Whatever real money game it is that you have in mind, you should be able to find a site that is mobile-friendly where you can play. What’s also great about gambling mobile is that transactions can be a lot quicker.

With the mobile age, many people are also choosing to bank with their mobile devices. Banking apps and digital wallets are becoming more popular and if you’re someone who would use these, it will be easier to transact with online casinos. You can easily authorize transactions using your digital wallet like PayPal and Skrill if you’d like to deposit to your gaming or gambling account.

With the rise of mobile gaming, operators are also starting to veer their customers towards this platform. Some gambling sites would offer better promos and bonuses to their mobile app users. Many casino operators now also allow mobile users to be part of live tables.

The Future

Many truly believe that mobile is the future of the gambling industry. So far, data is definitely suggesting it too. In the United States, gambling hotspot New Jersey would report that around 80 to 90 percent of its sports betting handle comes from its mobile market. With this, more states are pushing for legal sports betting that’s not only in-person but also mobile.

Mobile gambling is already here and it is likely to remain the present and future of the industry for a long time. Smartphones are continuously developed and they could only do wonders for the gaming industry. Technologies like VR and AR are also already used on mobile devices and eventually, mobile casino operators will also hop on this trend. Overall, we’re certain that mobile real money games will be popular in the coming years.

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